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IT-блоги How to Strike while the iron’s hot without getting burn?

UX Planet 17 октября 2020 г. Adamnizri

How to strike while the iron’s hot without getting burn?

Achieve goals at the right time and gradually / A look at my life from a designer eyes

Timing is an important factor when you make a decision and set your goals, In my opinion it can determine if your chances to achieve your goals are high or you are running into a buffer that will lower your motivation to try again soon.
I wrote my thoughts about my life in the last 2 years with a way of thinking of how I solved problems and how I achieved goals.

Crisis and development

2018, I was living with Zohar, my dear girlfriend who is now my wife in a two and a half living room flat in Giva’taim (It’s a small city, 7 min from Tel-Aviv, for those who don’t know Israel, Tel Aviv is like NYC). We were living with our 3 dogs and 2 cats at that small apartment. Our life was very nice and comfortable at the time, everything was close by- stores, bars and restaurants, everything we needed. But over the time life has become difficult from few reasons:

  1. I had no private parking place, which meant that I had to waste very precious time when I came back from work, tired and exhausted, riding in rounds looking for a parking place, for about 30–40 minutes. There were times it took me 60–70 minutes, trust me I checked the watch.
  2. I had no work room, So I had to work with my laptop on a small counter in the kitchen, And as a person with ADHD it was an absolute nightmare when Zohar came into the kitchen and started to cook loudly, And for her it was nerve wracking that I was always stuck in the middle of everything when she wanted to cook or do the dishes.
  3. Zohar, my dear wife, AKA Ace Ventura, She can’t resist taking on a new stray cat/crippled spider. She’s an angel really, But this tendency is ruining our life from time to time. Once on our Saturday trip we found a dog with three puppies in the middle of nowhere. So just like that, we had another four dogs.

Right there and then we started to realize that we can’t keep on renting a small flat in the city when we keep on adopting more and more animals in need.

We started to look after our next home and quickly realized that with our budget we wouldn’t find something better in the center, So we started looking further afield.

Atlit, Israel 2019

We found an amazing apartment, In a spitting distance from the beach, In the north (So its like moving from NYC to a wooden cabin on Grand Lake). It reminded me that I have always wanted to live in the nature and grow my own vegetables in the garden, And never had the courage to do so.
The place we found was still not my dream house but close enough.
I remember how crazy it was making a decision in less than a week and just go for it.

Atlit, Israel 2019

Why was it the right timing?

Living in a quiet and peaceful place had always been one of my goals, but it had to happen in the right time, After i finished squeezing all of the city’s lemon till the very last drop.

If I had done this change a year before, the challenges I had to deal with would probably led me to think that it isn’t right for me and I would probably go back to where I started.

Atlit, Israel 2019

The challenges that led us to our dream house

We fell in love with the North.
I remember that at the beginning I had a few months project in Tel-Aviv, And I used to take a train and another two buses in the city just to get to work (It took me something like 1.5–2 hours, believe me for an Israeli it’s a lot!) And went back home at 18:00, it was tough, But it was worth it.
Everyday I would return home, Say Hello and kiss the wife, Switch to my swimsuit and walk to the beach with her and the dogs . At our free time we just took the car, drove for 7 minutes and stop in a nearby forest or mountain, And just sit there for hours, Gaze at the view, lough and not believe that this is our home now.

The only problem was that the project I worked on finished and I found myself without a job. Being new in this industry, A student still, I didn’t have enough freelance opportunities and my portfolio was too miserable to submit to any dissent position. On top of that, we didn’t calculate the maintenance and taxes on our new apartment, which were much higher than we expected.

Within 6 months I told Zohar we must leave this place for a cheaper one.

Problem Solving

After this journey I had to think like a good designer does, Before we went to search we defined what we want and where we want it, According to the list:

  1. A Garden
  2. 80 square meters and up
  3. Less than 4000 ILS (1000 usd)
  4. In the North

After understanding what we want, it was easier to imagine it comes to life, Although our requirements were slightly unreal.
We scanned the entire area through ads, facebook and sites, for weeks.
We didn't find what we were looking for, Except for very specific villages.
I remember the first time we ran into an ad that was ideal for us. It was Huge and had beautiful view, Within 5 mins driving distance from Haifa, In the price of 500$, So what’s the catch? It’s in a druze village. Yes, That same esoteric ethno-religious group, With secret costumes, originated in Western Asia

We didn’t even know that there were Jews living in arab villages until we saw this ad, And I remember telling Zohar how cool would it be if we didn’t care at all to live in a Druze village, Because geographically it’s pretty close by to where we live now and it’s two times cheaper and answer to all of our requirements.

At first we laughed about this new and crazy idea, But then we started talking to Jews who live there and they told us how amazing their life was.

We somehow managed to change our set of mind and except the idea of moving to a Druze village after all, Although we will be different in the views, It was worth it.

After seeing a few places, We found out dream house- A private villa with a big yard, Fruit trees, Just 5 mins walk from the wadi.

Why a gradual change?

We found what we were dreaming of and we conquered a huge goal we had, But what led to another change was gradation.
If I was offered to move to a small Druze village in the North of Israel while I was still living in the center, I would probably laugh, But because the geographical distance was rather small, We were more open to taking on this adventure.

Some of my insights

I hear many designers, leaders and coaches saying you have to be different, For me, being different is not a goal but a result of courage and actions.
So write down your goals, and look for the timing to strike.
Daliyat al-Karmel, Israel 2020

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