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UX Planet 21 апреля 2021 г. Shirley Chan

Quick tips to build UX skills

User experience is really about human experience, and a UX designer’s most powerful tool is the ability to tune in to how something feels to use in the real world, under real conditions.

This is easier said than done when we spend our days focused on analyzing user flows and making recommendations about the tiniest details. That is the work.

However, when this is all you do, it can be easy to lose sense of the bigger picture. There is a danger of missing the forest for the trees.

Two pictures side by side: a close-up of a leaf, and a forest by a stream
Image credits: leaf by Olena Sergienko on Unsplash; forest by Matthew Smith on Unsplash

One quick tip to strengthen your instincts for the human experience is to save screenshots every time something bothers you. Do this with all the apps and websites you use. I save my screenshots in a personal Google slide deck because I can access it on the go, especially with their phone app installed.

Why I do this:

  • When something bugs you, that is your instinct that something is wrong (human sense)
  • It takes time to analyze & articulate what the UX problems are on a screen or in a flow (design skill) → as long as you save the screen, you can analyze later
  • Everybody knows screenshots are awesome

The more I make this a habit, the more I strengthen my ability to identify opportunities for improvement.


  • Saving a screenshot is quick and separates one initial step of design work (identifying a problem) from the other steps
  • Builds up a collection to practice your UX diagnostics and analysis
  • Reinforces confidence in your UX instincts
  • Strengthens your articulation skills (like for those all-important case studies)
  • Gives you another tool in the tool belt for clear documentation
  • Personally satisfying when you go back to analyze why something felt wrong and uncover a whole lotta why (1 annoying notification led me to identify 6 UX traps that combined into a high risk for losing 2 key audiences over time)

So go ahead and give it a try! It will cost you seconds to save the screenshots… and more time to follow through on the analysis. But take this first step to set yourself up to learn and grow.

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