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Frontend Interview Experience at Amazon Germany

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After applying at Amazon India through different means and not hearing back from them, I one day randomly applied at Amazon Germany for frontend role directly in the career section and luckily my resume got shortlisted.

Note:- As I have signed an NDA, I cannot share the exact questions.

I received the email regarding the shortlist and was asked to fill availability for the phone screen.

Shortlisting email

1st round : Phone Interview.

Phone interview confirmation

It was scheduled on 14th June and I had a general discussion with the technical recruiter regarding what I do on a day to day basis followed by a behavioral question and after that he asked me if I was willing to relocate and what are my salary expectations, etc.

He said that your final interview will be scheduled only after your second round goes well.

2nd round: Phone screen with Manager.

2nd Round: Managerial

The second round was on 2nd July and it was taken by the manager. He asked me to create a web component followed by lots of questions and changes and one CSS styling question. At the end there was a behavioral question.

After that he said will you relocate or work from India?. We are looking for a team member to join us here.

3rd & Final round

It was composed of 5 technical rounds to be done on a single day. The decided date was 28th of July.

I was very nervous before this as I knew I am not well prepared.

3.a:- OOPs (Backend engineer with 9+ years of experience) (same team).

We had a formal introduction followed by one behavioral question and then an oops question, In the end there were two more behavioral questions.

The implementation had to be scalable, otherwise it does not meets the criteria of the question.

This round did not go well because I haven’t prepared for OOPS.

My confidence took a toll.

3.b:- Frontend (Frontend engineer 5+ years of experience) (same team).

I was asked to create a component, followed by lots of questions on accessibility, styling, events, etc.

In the end 3 behavioral questions.

Finished this round in half an hour, It went superb. Boosted my confidence.

3.c:- Cultural fit (BI data engineer) (different team).

Taken by an external team member for unbiased opinion. Solely based on behavioral questions, 6 of them.

All were very different, Had to think about everything I have done in my past experiences and then answer it.

It went okay.

3.d:- Managerial (System design) (same team).

He said let’s start by answering your questions first and then move forward. After that he asked me to implement a frontend system.

Discussed the following points

  • Layout
  • Styling
  • Accessibility
  • Performance
  • Tracking user activity
  • Recommendations
  • Preferences

Followed by 3 behavioral questions.

This round went nice, the manager seemed to be happy.

3.e:- DSA (FullStack engineer) (Sister team).

Was asked to implement a two way algorithm based on trees. Tree to HTML and HTML to Tree parser with lots of constraints.

Which tree will you choose, why?. How to differentiate nodes and text, etc.

Followed by 3 behavioral questions.

This round did not go well, I had tough time understanding the question. After 1st implementation, the interviewer said there is some misunderstanding and explained the question again and asked me to re-implement the solution.

After second implementation, he asked me to implement the second parser (vice versa).



The recruiter called me next day and personally gave the feedback, he said there a lots of strong points and push but the team thinks that you need some improvements majorly on writing scalable and maintainable code.

The recruiter had already told me to go through leadership principles and STAR technique because you will be grilled a lot on that.

I was already hesitant that I won’t be able to make it. Still I did my best.

My strength

  • Frontend components.
  • System design.

My weakness

  • OOPs
  • DSA
  • Behavioral questions.

I have noted where I have to improve and will work on it.

Long way to go. Life long learning. Keep Hustling 🤞.

PS:- I have 5 more interview experiences which I will share in the coming weeks.


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