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IT-блоги There Will Always Be More Work 11 августа 2021 г.

Software engineering is an interesting field because the work never really ends. You may be working to finish a feature now, but after that there will be more features to build. More bugs to fix. More tech debt to pay down.

You could spend your entire life working and never really "finish." I suspect the same is true of most other professions.

And yet, I often feel a sense of urgency, that I must work later or longer to get more work done.

To be clear, this isn't a result of poor time management –– I get plenty of work done throughout the day, more than is expected of me. I'm not trying to catch up because I've fallen behind. What I'm describing is an urge to continue working longer than necessary to get more work done simply because there is more work to do.

Logically, I realize that this is a mistake. Working longer hours does not always lead to greater productivity. In the long run, it leads to burnout.

So why do I feel this way? It may be because I enjoy my job. It may be because I feel a sense of ownership over the work. It may be because in the back of my mind it feels like I'm accomplishing something that can ultimately be finished.

But the truth is, none of these reasons are justifiable excuses for working longer hours, later nights, or during the weekend.

So this is my reminder to myself –– and to you –– that there will always be more work. Take care of yourself.

Don't burn yourself out. It's not worth it.


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