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okex rating

Okex clone script

Okex clone script is a ready-made cryptocurrency exchange website script that helps you to launch a trading website like okex. The okex clone script describes software that has all the existing features present in the OKEx exchange platform. Because clone script is ready-made software, by using it for developing a website you will get rid of many challenges that you may face while developing a crypto exchange software. Using a clone script to develop a website will save plenty of time and energy.

Okex website

Before we start, let’s get to know the okex exchange platform.
Okex is a leading crypto exchange platform that provides exchange services all around the globe.
Okex was founded in 2014. currently Okex provides exchange services in more than 200 countries around the world and about 20M users are trading on the platform. OKEx offers 24/7 online supports for its clients. Okex exchange currently supports +264 cryptocurrencies that are allowed to be exchanged on the OKEx platform. okex has the grade A in cyber security rating.
okex rating

OKEx cryptocurrency exchange website features

  1. Live list of the value of the assets that contain: its last price, change of the day the chart of the change.
  2. Start your account and earn up to 50$ in crypto rewards. Okex exchange gives rewards for users who are new to the platform and want to start their trading.
  3. Synced app for android, IOS, MAC, and windows
  4. Different payments method: visa, master cards
  5. 140 top quality assets
  6. 400 trading pairs for trading BTC against USDT

Tips for creating a successful exchange website by cloning okex platform

  1. Gain the complete knowledge about the features of the okex platform
  2. Find the Strengths and weaknesses of the okex platform
  3. Try to add extra features to your exchange platform that you think will be interesting or useful for the user
  4. To understand what the traders really want Read the traders comment in related pages or social Medias to understand the users’ desire. Also reading their feedback in different platform will help you to understand what they are complaining about or what the things are they don’t like in exchange platforms and if this factor . These actions will give you a clear view of what users want.
  5. The next step is embedding their wanted feature in your platform and solve the factors or issues that the users don’t like.
  6. Check out other popular exchange websites, and figure out what features do they have that attract traders to them and try to add them to your website.
  7. Always be updated and add new features to your exchange platform.
  8. Hire patient employees for your support team to treat and guide the users patiently in order to solve their problems.
  9. Find reliable blockchain developer and cryptocurrency exchange platform Development company to purchase the premium clone script without security problems.
  10. Make sure the exchange development company uses the latest technology for developing your website.
  11. Some exchange websites are not available in some countries try to build an available website and offer exchange services in most of the countries.
  12. Think of the ways to encourage the users to use your platform for trading. Like some exchange platforms, you can add the rewarding system to your exchange platform. For example, reward them with some altcoins for registration, or after the first transaction give them some extra bitcoins for free and other ways to attract them to your exchange platform.
  13. Use the educational part of the website to gain more users especially new users by teaching them the helping them to learn trading subjects.

Okex Quik summary

okex summary

OKEx Accounts

Funding Account:
A funding account is for users to deposit and withdraw their assets safely and instantly. A funding account is used to store, save and transfer digital assets to another crypto wallet.

Trading account:
The first step to start trading is to transfer the crypto from the funding account to one of the following accounts:
C2C, SPOT, margin, future, p-swap, or options account. for users to deposit and withdraw their assets safely and instantly. A funding account is used to store, save and transfer digital assets to another crypto wallet.

Saving account:
Saving account is an account where you collect the revenue of savings. With the help of saving account okex users can make good use of their coins.

Mining account
Mining account is used to save the revenue of the mining process in the OKEx pool.

Spot account
Users can trade fiat currencies with crypto currencies according to the exchange rate of the system in spot account.

Margin account
The name of this account describes its usability Margin account is used for margin trading. Each margin trading links to one of the margin accounts.

Option account
This account is used for options trading. This trading, it gives you the right to buy and sell a specific security. An option is a contract linked to an underlying asset.

What is okex pool and how does it work?
OKEx pool mining
OKEx pool allows cryptocurrency miners to gain cryptocurrency rewards by the process of mining in the pool. The OKEX’s pool merges the trading services with the mining process. It sends the mining rewards directly to users’ mining account. Okex mining pool has 11 assets and provides daily revenue.The okex mining pool is:
Safe and stable
Open and flexible
Global and reliable

The pool has three methods for mining rewards:

  1. complete pay for each share
  2. pay per N last share + Pay per share (pps+)
  3. pay per share (PPS) Steps for working with okex pool: A. log into your okex account B. enter the okex pool C. set up you alias D. manage your mining dashboard E. establish your mining settings F. Choose your desired cryptocurrency to mine. G. Connect your mining machine to the okex pool

The Features of Okex Clone Script

  1. Multilingual: it supports more than 150 crypto coins and tokens
  2. Crypto payment gateway
  3. API security
  4. Trading engine
  5. KYC/AML verifications
  6. Margin, perpetual and futures trading with 100x leverage
  7. Multi-cryptocurrency wallet integration
  8. Liquidity API
  9. Referral program
  10. Admin and user panel
  11. Decentralized trading
  12. Easy interface for beginners and advanced traders.
  13. Fast and instant way to buy/sell crypto
  14. Supports three payment methods: credit/debit card purchases and bank transfer payments
  15. Secure online/offline wallet
  16. Supported mobile app for IOS and android to trade anytime and anywhere
  17. Referral and affiliate system that rewards you in case you add new users to the platform . Based on the company that you choose to develop your exchange website extra features that you want to embed in your exchange website can be added.

Perpetual and futures trading

Perpetual and futures trading

Is Okex a safe platform?

Okex has several layers of security features to protect its client against fraud, keep their funds safe, and also prevent their information to leak. Okex offers a high-security wallet to its client. Based on the research that has been done, okex has not been involved in any exchange hack or even didn’t face any major security issue. So yes okex can be regarded as a safe exchange platform.


Let’s take a look at OKex competitors:

okex competitors
The okex offers different order types which consists of:
• Limit order
• Advanced limit
• Market order
• Stop limit
• Iceberg
Iceberg order: seems like a unique feature for okex exchange. These are advanced orders that are used as part of a crypto trading strategy to execute an order in potions at regular intervals of time as specified by users. This order type can reduce the effect of the market on the basket order. Last words
If you have decided to develop your website with a clone script you better choose a reliable company with expert workers in the field of crypto exchanges that offer premium okex clone scripts. Radin dev is one of the trustworthy companies that has proved itself by the successful website that it has developed.

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