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IT-блоги Contribute to Call for Code projects as part of Hacktoberfest 14 октября 2021 г.

Give back through Call for Code open source solutions and hack for racial justice

We're happy to announce that Call for Code is participating in Hacktoberfest! Now in its eighth year, Hacktoberfest is a global online festival meant to drive contribution to and involvement in open source projects. 

Hacktoberfest is a great way for you to contribute to our tech for good open source solutions that address various social and humanitarian issues including racial justice (Call for Code for Racial Justice), climate change, natural disasters and COVID-19. Your contributions to Call for Code projects directly benefit organizations doing grassroots work and local communities that need these solutions. There are many ways to contribute, no matter your area of expertise. 

We have many open issues still available for your participation during Hacktoberfest and year-round. Here are a few ways you can contribute to our projects:

  • updating documentation
  • flagging bugs in code.
  • creating Github Actions for testing & greeting bots
  • evaluating language translations of our websites
  • creating templates for issues and pull requests

Start contributing to Call for Code projects as part of Hacktoberfest

  1. Watch our Call for Code for Racial Justice Hacktoberfest Kickoff replay . Get great tips on contributing to issues during Hacktoberfest.
  2. Check out our new Call for Code for Racial Justice Hacktoberfest Handbook and Call for Code Hacktoberfest Handbook to learn all about how to contribute. 
  3. Get up to speed on Hacktoberfest and follow the instructions for general participation.
  4. Join us on Slack to join our office hours and our Call for Code Community
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