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IT-блоги My first Hacktoberfest experience 2021 !!! 13 ноября 2021 г.

It was 2020 and everyone is posting their hacktoberfest swags on Linkedin, That's how I came to know about hacktoberfest and open source contribution. I started learning Git & Github and participated in some open-source programs. But I always wanted to participate in hacktoberfest and it comes.

The First Pull-Request

The one thing I hate about hacktoberfest is there is a lot of excluded spam repositories. I never knew that. I was so excited that my first pr is merged but in the end, it's an excluded project 😂. So finding the right repository is challenging too.



Finally, I was able to complete 4+2 Pull requests in 15 days and it took 15 days to get accepted by hacktoberfest.

I spent most of my extra time contributing and finding good projects. I learnt many things not only coding but also how to write good commit messages 😂

The best and fun part is working in the command prompt as I feel like a hacker 😁


It was a very good start and was fun contributing to open source. Coming to the swags, It is going to be my first swag in my tech life and hactoberfest introduce me to DEV community and I am posting my experience here because of hactoberfest.

Grateful 🌻

I never wrote a blog before, This is my first blog too. (Please ignore my mistakes🥺🤞) Feedbacks are always welcomed 😊

Bubye!! See you in the next post. Happy November ❤❤


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