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UX Planet 26 ноября 2021 г. Zombor Varnagy-Toth

Do you work in an organization with lamentable UX Maturity? You should read this.

Imagine this

Situation 1

A product team approaches you. They have a problem. They have an awesome product, but customers are not adopting it. What’s wrong? How would you approach this?

Most UX Researchers I know would not blame the users. They would suggest that maybe the team misunderstood the users’ problem, or the product is just not a good solution to that.

Situation 2

Now imagine this: You work in a SaaS company as a UX Researcher. You see a lot of features and products get developed and released without any research or validation. It seems that Product Managers and Engineers don’t think of research as a must-have for their projects. Your research is awesome, but the organization doesn’t seem to care - which is obvious from the low UXR to Engineer ratio, and that there are no new UXR headcounts planned. What would you do in this situation?

It appears to me that the UX industry consensus is that the organization has low UX maturity. They just don’t get the value of UX research.

The solution: you need to show them the value! You need to “educate” them.

There are plenty of articles on how to show the value of research.

If you show them the value and they still don’t care… well, maybe you just weren’t convincing enough. You need to be more persuasive. And there are a ton of articles on how to do that as well…

The blind spot

It’s funny how we don’t seem to recognize the similarity between situation 1 and situation 2. If you advise a product team as in situation 1, you would never blame the user. You would never say that the product is awesome it’s just that the users don’t get it because they are “immature”.

Instead, you would say that… maybe… and only maybe… we mischaracterized the users’ needs… or maybe our service is just not a good solution to those needs.

Why don’t we approach our own service the same way as we approach the service and products of others?

Next steps

I have started my own research into what those pesky Product Managers and other stakeholders actually need and how well UX Research serves those needs.

Sign up here if you would like to see what comes out of this. Sign up also if you want to be interviewed on this topic.

About Zsombor: UX Research Lead at SAP Emarsys. Hiring and mentoring user researchers. Teaching research at his own peril at zombor.io

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