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dev.to 27 ноября 2021 г.

You cannot find new versions for using your favorite opensource projects, what to do?

First step:

Stop complaining and act ... opensource is free, so you can take the source code and make it work for you ... and on top of that you can share the solution with others ... that's the beauty of the opensource freedom.

Second step:

Research about your favorite project, who create it, why they create the project?

Research also about the language and the tooling your project is using (you do not need to become an expert but it's a good start)

Third step:

Make your first build, this is the hardest step but it's the most valuable tool, if you have problems, look for support with the original owners, maybe they are willing to give you a hand or some tips.

Additionally give it a check to the CI/CD tooling the original authors or contributes where using, normally you may recycle a lot of that for new versions.

Four step:

Fix some bugs and create new versions

Fifth step:

Share the love !! ... when everything is ready, share with others, for sure you are not the only one using your favorite opensource project !!

Eating our own dog food

At my company we need new builds for Apache Mesos for Linux and sadly the project was lagging behind, so we stop complaining and we are trying to act -> https://github.com/csaltos/mesos-builds

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