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Software developers enjoy having free access to resources when developing software programs. It is, however, a high level of concern having to deliver the right amount of security and privacy during that process.

Nevertheless, it is of high importance to note that software development is usually prone to security issues due to the peculiarity of developers using their preferred devices. Through the process of using their preferred devices, your local network gets connected to another unrecognized computer that probably has different software applications installed and even a different anti-virus policy.

In other words, you have no control over the newly connected devices and even the Wi-Fi network, which gives in the risk of data being accessed by the public. This is where a VPN comes into play as a solution to the security and privacy problem by giving protection to your data. VPNs allow your IT teams to deploy a secure and private connection over the internet which can be very reliable in helping the developers successfully in every software development process.

What Is the Need for a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network, mostly known as a VPN, works as a third party by encrypting data and preserving your online privacy from the public to remain untraceable. In other words, a VPN is a key tool that establishes a secure connection on your computer or other devices from hackers, and cybercriminals to provide privacy to your data and every other online activity.

This indicates that while connecting to the internet, whatever online activity that is performed remains anonymous to the public.

How Can Developers Benefit From Using VPN?

During software development, every software developer would prefer a scenario in which data breaches do not occur. Hence, incorporating the use of a VPN allows the developers to protect their client's data and also check out websites and their competitors from other countries discreetly to improve on their products. 

Most software developers have custom layouts, structures, apps, and other work worth intellectual property. Some people may want to steal that information.

Although an organization might have poor cybersecurity, which could affect the developers at work, using a VPN network provides end-to-end encryption of data on devices used by the developer and enables the inability of hackers or internet service providers to see one's data or location as it gives a privately secured connection to the internet. Banks also use a similar method to protect their customers. It also helps to scan devices used in the company for hacking threats. In the long run, it is seen to be beneficial to both the developer and the company.

That said, software developers should be careful using VPNs to avoid such disadvantages that surround the industry and use VPNs to their advantage.

Practically, VPN is willing to deliver a lot of benefits to developers making it easy for them in their software development. Some benefits include:

  • Giving privacy to your online activity, ensuring your data is not jeopardized
  • Delivering convenience while working in different locations
  • Providing the right amount of speed and accuracy
  • Internet freedom 
  • Security
  • Preserving your intellectual property from hackers or cybercriminals
  • Assisting in researching your competitors’ websites without their notice due to the different IP addresses
  • Ensuring that remote team members can access the important resources and references
  • Connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots securely without fear of being hacked or data being breached
  • Ensuring your site works globally by connecting to servers in other countries
  • It also prevents hackers from stealing the login details to your server when accessing the server outside of the office or intercepting the data you retrieve from the server
  • Several VPNs come with anti-malware software, which protects you and your team from common threats like phishing attacks.

How Can Developers Know What VPN Service Works Best for Them?

VPN has numerous benefits that you would get when you employ its use. However, as a developer, it is important to note that not all VPN services would work for you. Therefore, you should be able to select, amongst the lot, the right VPN solution that will assist you in achieving what you set out to achieve.

As a software developer, there are some key characteristics that you should check out when employing the service of a VPN: speed, privacy, security, price, server network, weight, multi-device support, browser extension, data, and connection. You can also sign up for trials to put them to the test.

Because you want to protect your customer and team's data, a VPN comes in handy, and thus you might want to find one with a fast connection, unlimited data, remarkable security, and privacy. 

Here are some VPNs and their characteristics:


NordVPN is seen as one of the top VPNs noted for its online speed and privacy. When it comes to securing access to personal information or work files, encrypting your internet connection, and keeping your browsing history and online identity private, NordVPN delivers such services.

Surf Shark

Surf Shark is known to be one of the cheapest options, yet its services are among the top five in the VPN industry. It offers services like protecting your data and devices, encrypting your online activity, connecting to unlimited devices, giving private DNS, a strict no-log policy, safe access to contents, and more.


ExpressVPN is the type of VPN that gives a stable connection, and satisfactory interface and delivers security with anonymity and speed, gives seamless work location, provides a private DNS, and manages external threats and encryption of data.


CyberGhost is a VPN that delivers a massive connection to most servers around the world and as a cybersecurity company with its headquarters in Romania, as expected its VPN services provide strong security. It gives secure online privacy, protects your public Wi-Fi connection, and many more.


ProtonVPN offers a set of protected VPN servers that provides fast access at a low price. It also has 1080 servers across the globe in 54 different countries like the United States, Japan, and others. It makes it a lot more difficult for hackers who want to pry into your data due to the multiple layers of encryption it has on every server. They deliver speed and accuracy in securing your online privacy.

In Conclusion

To review, a VPN has numerous benefits that could influence software development positively. Thus, software developers can succeed by having a VPN for many reasons: in addition to enhancing general online security and privacy, they offer great speed and server connection.

Nevertheless, an important aspect that gives a software developer reason to use a VPN is to safeguard and maintain their business data or customer data.

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