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IT-блоги Блог sitepoint.com

Разработка sitepoint.com 3 августа 2021 г. 16:00

VPNs are an essential part of protecting your online privacy, and nowadays it’s common to hear of people using them. Ten years ago, if you’d asked the average person about VPNs, they’d probably have had no idea what you were talking...... читать далее

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Разработка sitepoint.com 2 августа 2021 г. 16:00

In this tutorial, we’ll walk through how to send emails through your own app using Django. We’ll cover how to configure Django SMTP connections, how to set up an app password to use with a Django project, and how to send emails through th...... читать далее

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Разработка sitepoint.com 1 августа 2021 г. 16:00

One of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face is getting their business in front of potential customers. Marketing attracts leads, leads become customers, and customers provide profit. Unfortunately, outreach, networking, and search engine optimiz...... читать далее

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Разработка sitepoint.com 1 августа 2021 г. 15:00

This sponsored article was created by our content partner, BAW Media. Thank you for supporting the partners who make SitePoint possible. Consumers expect modern, intuitive, and convenient solutions to everyday problems and situations. Like making app...... читать далее

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Разработка sitepoint.com 27 июля 2021 г. 22:00

Markdown is a fast and efficient way to write for the Web. It uses easy-to-read markup and plain text files. It comes with a low learning curve, no lock-in, and fits well with the simplicity of iOS and iPadOS. The syntax was created by John Gruber in...... читать далее


Разработка sitepoint.com 26 июля 2021 г. 16:00

You’ve built a website, but how well does it perform for your end users? It’s crucial to ask this question, but how can you get answers? One excellent option is to use Lighthouse. Lighthouse allows you to easily and automatically analyze...... читать далее


Разработка sitepoint.com 25 июля 2021 г. 16:00

WordPress is a popular, easy-to-use, PHP-based content management system and blogging platform. Many enterprise organizations believe that WordPress is simply a platform used by smaller companies, entrepreneurs, freelancers and companies who don&#821...... читать далее

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Разработка sitepoint.com 22 июля 2021 г. 2:19

This sponsored article was created by our content partner, BAW Media. Thank you for supporting the partners who make SitePoint possible. Page builders have revolutionized the way we create websites today. But with so many options available for WordPr...... читать далее

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Разработка sitepoint.com 20 июля 2021 г. 16:00

Content on the Web needs to be presented in HTML format. Many web publishing tools (such as blogging software and CMSs) convert your content (text, images and so on) into HTML for you. But there are many situations where you want to write HTML conten...... читать далее


Разработка sitepoint.com 19 июля 2021 г. 16:00

Declaring and using global variables in Rust can be tricky. Typically for this language, Rust ensures robustness by forcing us to be very explicit. In this article, I’ll discuss the pitfalls the Rust compiler wants to save us from. Then I&#8217...... читать далее

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Разработка sitepoint.com 18 июля 2021 г. 16:00

This tutorial provides an introduction to standard web components written without using a JavaScript framework. You’ll learn what they are and how to adopt them for your own web projects. A reasonable knowledge of HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript is necess...... читать далее


Разработка sitepoint.com 14 июля 2021 г. 16:00

Over the last two decades in my career in the technology industry, I’ve experienced both sides of the gig economy — as a freelancer, and as a technology leader hiring freelance developers. Back in my developer days, I worked as a freelance deve...... читать далее

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Разработка sitepoint.com 13 июля 2021 г. 15:00

Large organizations and enterprises often store data in spreadsheets and require an interface for entering this data into their web apps. The general idea is to upload the file, read its contents, and store it either in files or databases that the we...... читать далее

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Разработка sitepoint.com 12 июля 2021 г. 15:00

Redis is a fast and efficient in-memory key-value store. It is also known as a data structure server, as the keys can contain strings, lists, sets, hashes and other data structures. If you are using Node.js, you can use the node_redis module to inter...... читать далее

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Разработка sitepoint.com 11 июля 2021 г. 16:00

Notion is a multi-featured app for organizing all sorts of content, from notes to calendars and reminders. Notion recently launched its own API, and in this article we’ll use this API to create a small interface that will connect Notion to our...... читать далее


Разработка sitepoint.com 7 июля 2021 г. 16:00

As more people shift to online shopping, small businesses and retailers have been pressured to build their own ecommerce stores to keep up. The good news is that creating an ecommerce store is fast and easy with WordPress. With the WooCommerce plugi...... читать далее

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Разработка sitepoint.com 6 июля 2021 г. 16:00

In this article, I’ll compare the most popular version managers for Ruby on a Mac: Chruby, Rbenv, and RVM, as well as Asdf, a version manager for multiple languages, and Frum, a band new version manager written in Rust. I’ll make recommen...... читать далее

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Разработка sitepoint.com 5 июля 2021 г. 16:00

This tutorial shows how to create a product website using React and Tailwind CSS. We’ll cover how to set up React with Tailwind CSS using Create React App Configuration Override (CRACO); Tailwind’s CSS utility classes and variants and how...... читать далее


Разработка sitepoint.com 4 июля 2021 г. 16:00

Version control with Git has become a default in every modern developer’s tool belt. Commands like commit, push, and pull have made it into our fingers’ muscle memory. But relatively few developers know about the “more advanced&#822...... читать далее

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Разработка sitepoint.com 30 июня 2021 г. 15:00

You’ve spent hours working locally on your computer, getting that new website design to look just right. Your CMS is nicely set up with sample content and you want to test it out on a few mobile devices and tablets. Your client also wants to take a l...... читать далее

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