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IT-блоги Материалы по теме 'engineering'

IT-блоги Материалы по теме 'engineering'

Разработка Instagram Engineering 8 октября 2019 г. 16:30

One of the most exciting announcements at WWDC this year was the introduction of platform-wide dark mode in iOS 13. During WWDC a group of enthusiastic iOS engineers and designers from Instagram’s design systems team banded together to begin plotting ...... читать далее

engineering dark-mode instagram ios ios-13

Разработка Think Big 28 февраля 2019 г. 20:44

Cross-platform tools "... allowed a team of motivated engineers who had never coded mobile apps to create an impressive full-functioning prototype that turned this exploratory project into a product driven venture for our team."... читать далее

architecture mobile software engineering bigcommerce engineering

Разработка Think Big 26 февраля 2019 г. 19:54

Whether on-boarding a user, signing in to a service, or simply using a tab-based app with navigation stacks of different screens, almost any app process can be described as a flow of screens and information. It all begins with a start.... читать далее

architecture mobile software engineering engineering

Разработка Think Big 25 января 2019 г. 19:22

"I know that diverse teams outperform homogeneous ones and ultimately build better products..." - David Hauser, new BigCommerce VP of Engineering, reflects on the first 100 days of his journey.... читать далее

leaders engineers bigcommerce engineering diversity

Разработка Engineering GoSquared Blog 24 января 2019 г. 16:20

Ever since AWS re:Invent, there’s been a lot of excitement around all the new products and services that Amazon Web... The post The T3 EC2 instance family appeared first on GoSquared Blog.... читать далее

Engineering AWS EC2

Разработка Блог Дмитpия Hecтepука 19 декабря 2018 г. 20:13

Вы может заметили что у меня в блоге нет ничего связанно с «хорошими практиками», DDD, «чистым» кодом и всем вот этим. И я если честно не особо фанат обсуждать все эти темы потому что считаю их природно-нерелевантными. Каждый раз когда мне кто-то в с...... читать далее


Разработка Think Big 11 декабря 2018 г. 16:27

BigCommerce “inspired me to continuously grow and be a leader of excellence.“ - Elena Chigibaeva, TechWomen Mentee... читать далее

techwomen bigcommerce engineering diversity

Разработка Engineering GoSquared Blog 6 декабря 2018 г. 18:03

Last week, Amazon Web Services announced their latest hardware device aimed at Machine Learning education: the DeepRacer, an autonomous model... The post How to build a real-time leaderboard that’s serverless, fault-tolerant, and scalable. appeared f...... читать далее

Engineering AWS Real-Time Reinvent

Разработка Engineering GoSquared Blog 5 декабря 2018 г. 18:24

Last week we flew to glittery Las Vegas for AWS re:Invent – here, back in the London office, I’m sharing... The post Top tips for AWS re:Invent from a first timer appeared first on GoSquared Blog.... читать далее

Engineering AI Amazon AWS Conference Reinvent

Разработка Think Big 3 декабря 2018 г. 19:38

My introduction into development was not a straight path nor a traditional one, but I believe there is value in working with people of all sorts of backgrounds.... читать далее

bigcommerce engineering engineers diversity origin stories career

Разработка Think Big 30 октября 2018 г. 22:20

Software engineer Erica Lloyd moderates a discussion on Diversity and Inclusion in recruiting at Tribe, BigCommerce's employee resource group for women and allies.BigCommerce is full of brilliant, dedicated people focused on revolutionizing the world...... читать далее

engineering bigcommerce product diversity

Разработка Engineering GoSquared Blog 8 октября 2018 г. 15:42

When we are onboarding new customers one question we often get, especially if that customer is an engineer, is about... The post How to reduce the impact of JavaScript on your page load time appeared first on GoSquared Blog.... читать далее

Engineering Javascript Performance React

Разработка Good Eggs Product Team 5 июля 2018 г. 20:47

GO | planetlightThe main developer interface to our bespoke PaaS (called Ranch) is a command line binary written in Go. At first, a Homebrew recipe was plenty convienent to get it onto my early adopter’s OSX laptops. Once I had a few more users and s...... читать далее

go engineering

Разработка Engineering GoSquared Blog 6 июня 2018 г. 11:52

Being in the Software as a Service space, you have to admire what Salesforce has managed to accomplish. It would... The post How to build a basic Salesforce REST API Integration appeared first on GoSquared Blog.... читать далее

Engineering API CRM Integration REST Salesforce Salesforce Cloud

Разработка Engineering GoSquared Blog 3 мая 2018 г. 12:45

To search something in Elasticsearch, the request looks like this: POST https://es-cluster:9200/index-name/_search The query definition is sent as JSON in... The post Authoring Elasticsearch queries in Javascript appeared first on GoSquared Blog.... читать далее


Разработка Engineering GoSquared Blog 18 января 2018 г. 17:50

Data is like garbage. You’d better know what you are going to do with it before you collect it. – Mark... The post How to avoid data paralysis appeared first on GoSquared Blog.... читать далее

Engineering Analytics Data-Driven Measurement

Разработка Good Eggs Product Team 1 февраля 2017 г. 19:01

The pitfalls of hyper-growth and a healthy alternativeGood Eggs has seen its share of ups and downs including a period of hyper-growth, a painful reset, and a strong recovery. We’ve learned a tremendous amount on this journey including gaining new pe...... читать далее

software-development startup engineering agile teamwork

Разработка Good Eggs Product Team 11 ноября 2016 г. 0:16

Sticky Bun | Charles HaynesHere at Good Eggs, we’re in the process of moving all of our applications to a bespoke PaaS we call Ranch. As soon as Ranch was ready for production traffic, we wanted to see how its performance differed from our current se...... читать далее

ab-testing engineering varnish

Разработка Good Eggs Product Team 10 ноября 2016 г. 22:34

Getting started with Selenium WebDriver for node.jsIf you’re writing a web application using node.js, you will want to spend some time writing integration tests for it. At Good Eggs, we use Selenium WebDriver for our integration tests. It’s a reliabl...... читать далее

selenium nodejs webdriver engineering

Разработка Good Eggs Product Team 10 ноября 2016 г. 22:10

In school, nothing lasts longer than 10 weeks — at least if you’re on the quarter system that Stanford subscribes to. A few do, like your roommate or your unfortunate streak of nights where you had to drink coffee after midnight, but, otherwise, your...... читать далее

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