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IT-блоги Материалы по теме 'uncategorized'

Разработка W3C 30 апреля 2021 г. 8:22

Today W3C released to the public the April 2021 editon of our W3C Strategic Highlights which documents the tremendous work to enhance, grow and strengthen the Web platform, and how the Web Consortium meets the needs of industry and society as a whole...... читать далее

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Разработка Clever Engineering Blog 27 апреля 2021 г. 22:23

Listen to an interview with our CTO and architect discuss how we chose a new computer language. The post Choosing Golang for Clever appeared first on Clever Engineering Blog.... читать далее

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Разработка W3C 9 апреля 2021 г. 8:54

W3C announced today the W3C Workshop on Smart Cities, which is being organized as a virtual event on 25 June 2021. The goals of the workshop are: Identify stakeholders of Smart Cities standardization to drive the development of Web standards aligned...... читать далее

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Разработка Windows Developer Blog 16 марта 2021 г. 17:00

After many months of invigorating the Windows Community Toolkit with a multitude of improvements and features; we are happy to announce version 7.0 is available today! Made possible again with the support and contrib The post Announcing Windows Commu...... читать далее


Разработка Facebook Engineering 9 февраля 2021 г. 17:00

Root cause analysis (RCA) is an important part of fixing any bug. After all, you can’t solve a problem without getting to the heart of it. But RCA isn’t always simple, especially at a scale like Facebook’s. When billions of people are using an app on...... читать далее

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Разработка Windows Developer Blog 21 января 2021 г. 18:02

Introduction Win32 APIs provide powerful functionality that let you get the most out of Windows in your applications. While these APIs are readily accessible to C and C++ developers, other languages like C# and Rust require wrappers or bindi The post...... читать далее


Разработка Dice Insights 15 января 2021 г. 17:27

If you ever wanted to build a highly customized voice-activated assistant, but didn’t have millions of dollars or a huge team of artificial intelligence (A.I.) experts, […] The post Amazon Opens Up Alexa to Heavy Developer Customization appeare...... читать далее

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Разработка Atlassian Developer Blog 14 января 2021 г. 20:18

Reading Time: 1 minute Happy New Year! We hope you all had a safe and restful holiday season. 2020 was a unique year full of… The post Welcome New Marketplace Partner Program Partners appeared first on Atlassian Developer Blog.... читать далее


Разработка Dice Insights 8 января 2021 г. 12:49

Within many companies, remote work—or at least some kind of flexible work—is regarded as the future. Executives are openly considering whether they need to keep spending […] The post Is Remote Work Killing Technologists’ Productivity? app...... читать далее

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GameDev gopractice.ru 9 ноября 2020 г. 13:33

Эту статью в сотрудничестве с GoPractice написал Дима Золотухин (Facebook, Telegram) – Head of Analytics в компании Flo. Дима занимается дата-аналитикой 8 лет, с 2017 года – в продуктовых компаниях. Далее повестовование ведется от лица автора.  ...... читать далее

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DevOps linuxhint.com 20 октября 2020 г. 12:30

Cron is a built-in automatic scheduler for the Linux operating system and is responsible for running the commands or scripts that are added to the crontab file at a specified time. This article shows you how to use Cron in the Linux operating system.... читать далее


DevOps linuxhint.com 23 сентября 2020 г. 9:11

A web cache is a collection of data that includes HTML pages, images, and other media from the web pages you visit. So, when you re-visit the same web pages, the images and HTML pages will load faster. Clearing the cache means removing all the web ca...... читать далее

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DevOps linuxhint.com 13 сентября 2020 г. 7:36

A composer is a tool that is used to administer the essentials for PHP. It assists its user in for installing and updating of the essentials of the project. You can specify the library that you will need for your project through the PHP composer. In...... читать далее

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DevOps linuxhint.com 13 сентября 2020 г. 6:52

Anaconda is distinguished in its many functional abilities, which include managing system packages, computing and processing large-scale data, influencing predictive analytics, and performing programming in the Python language. This article shows you...... читать далее

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DevOps linuxhint.com 13 сентября 2020 г. 6:44

PHP (Hypertext Pre-Processor) is a server-side scripting language that can be integrated into HTML and is particularly suitable for web development. This article shows you how to install PHP in Ubuntu 20.04... читать далее

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DevOps linuxhint.com 13 сентября 2020 г. 6:38

CURL is a command-line utility that also serves as a library for automating data transfer to and from a web server. This article provides a short guide on how to install CURL on your Ubuntu 20.04 system.... читать далее

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DevOps linuxhint.com 13 сентября 2020 г. 6:16

KVM stands for Kernel Virtual machine. It provides a virtual environment where you can run multiple guest OS along with your host operating system and without interfering with its functions. KVM is faster than its counterparts and is open-source. In...... читать далее

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DevOps linuxhint.com 13 сентября 2020 г. 6:11

npm refers to the default package manager of Node.js which is the run-time environment for JavaScript. It can handle the installation of all the related packages very gracefully. Before installing npm, we must have Node.js environment ready for us. T...... читать далее

JavaScript Ubuntu Uncategorized

DevOps linuxhint.com 11 сентября 2020 г. 11:00

The Sizeof is an important unary operator in the C programming language. It helps us in determining the size of primitive data types, user-defined data types, expressions, etc. in computer memory. The Sizeof operator plays an important role in alloca...... читать далее

C Programming Uncategorized

DevOps linuxhint.com 26 августа 2020 г. 9:12

Problem You want to find files matching a pattern. Solution Use the File::glob() method. $log_files = File::glob('/test/*.log'); if ($log_files === false) { die("An error occurred."); } You can also p...... читать далее

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