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IT-блоги Материалы по теме 'Cloud'

Разработка dev.to 19 июня 2021 г. 9:30

I have been meaning to write this article about how I configure my favorite IDE; VS Code. I'm writing this because I recently changed my PC and I had to sit through hours of configuration process all over again. I hope to use this post next time to g...... читать далее

vscode javascript react reactnative

Разработка dev.to 19 июня 2021 г. 5:34

Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links; I may receive compensation if you purchase products or services from the different links provided in this article. Hello guys, if one of your goals is to learn Big data in 2021 but you are not sure whe...... читать далее

java bigdata spark programming

Разработка dev.to 18 июня 2021 г. 19:32

I always thought that developing for finance would require mostly C or other compiled, statically typed language, especially for dealing with the incoming data from the stock market. Nevertheless, I have just accomplished a basic skeleton app (sort o...... читать далее

ruby rails heroku webdev

Разработка dev.to 18 июня 2021 г. 19:31

In the cloud environment, you have three main providers to choose from, such as Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. I chose AWS for its balance between these three attributes: services versatility, support and documentatio...... читать далее


Разработка dev.to 18 июня 2021 г. 17:34

No matter who you are - a business owner or a developer - having a website shall be inevitable at a point in your career. There are a wide variety of options at your disposal - from no-code, dropdown website builders to hardcore web development using...... читать далее

python html heroku webdev

Разработка dev.to 18 июня 2021 г. 17:31

Adding up times with Reduce demo Today we will be using Array.prototype.map and Array.prototype.reduce to figure out the total runtime of given videos in hours, minutes and seconds. So we are given a list of items each mimicking a vi...... читать далее

javascript github webdev programming

DevOps Сеть профессионалов ЦОД 18 июня 2021 г. 17:31

Постоянным читателям портала AllDC.ru прекрасно известно, что причины аварий в ЦОД способны оказаться самыми разными: от ужасающего урагана «Сэнди» в Северной Америке в 2012 году, унесшего жизни сотен людей и принесшего убытки на...... читать далее

Разработка dev.to 18 июня 2021 г. 16:35

As cloud infrastructure service offerings have grown from a small set of services like virtual machines, object storage and networking primitives to an à la carte menu of hundreds of services, maintaining visibility into what services you're using an...... читать далее

aws cloud startup

Разработка dev.to 18 июня 2021 г. 14:00

Creating production-ready containers for use in commercial-grade apps can be a far cry from the "get started with Node.js and Docker"-type of tutorials that are common around the Internet. Those guides are great for introducing all the advantages of...... читать далее

docker devops linux dockerslim

Разработка dev.to 18 июня 2021 г. 13:29

The portfolio is one of the most crucial tasks for the developers to create. It not only represents the brief-up of the dev, rather exhibits the potential that they have. Not confined to presenting the projects, and the experience, but it's an art an...... читать далее

portfolio react redux webdev

Разработка The Cloudflare Blog 18 июня 2021 г. 13:00

Since launching in June 2020, Cloudflare TV has featured over 1,000 original live episodes covering an incredible array of topics and we're just getting started.... читать далее

Cloudflare TV Cloudflare Stream Life @ Cloudflare

Разработка blogs.oracle.com 18 июня 2021 г. 12:54

Самое привлекательное в индустрии бесплатное предложение для разработчиков: четыре ядра Ampere A1 и 24 ГБ памяти для создания приложений на базе Arm в Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Платформа OCI Ampere A1 получила поддержку ведущих проектов с открытым...... читать далее


DevOps noobslab.com 18 июня 2021 г. 12:53

A highly competitive market will gobble up the businesses that don’t have their processes and flows figured out. This means a highly efficient team, where communication between departments happens naturally, using the latest productivity and collabor...... читать далее

Разработка dev.to 18 июня 2021 г. 7:37

Hello 😊, my gorgeous friend on the internet 👋, how are you doing today?. Sometimes we want to send out a welcome email to our new registered users or send them a link to reset their forgotten password. This is an extracted feature from my Harper...... читать далее

Разработка dev.to 18 июня 2021 г. 6:35

As recently as just a few years ago, business leaders worried about the unknown factors of moving their core applications to the cloud. Factors like not knowing how a particular application might work in the cloud were deterrents to what would have b...... читать далее

cloud beginners newbie computerscience

Разработка dev.to 18 июня 2021 г. 3:06

This post is my experience from 2020. It was sitting in my drafts for many months and thanks to procrastination I never able to finish it. But finally today it can go out in the world. A few days back (in 2020), I tweeted about my new career mov...... читать далее

webdev interview developers

Разработка dev.to 18 июня 2021 г. 1:33

*Important As you know this is not the Windows 11 official release, so don't use it as your primary/host operating system. Use it only for testing purposes in a Virtual Machine or in any unused PC for a safe experience. Read this before d...... читать далее

beginners devops tutorial windows

DevOps ubuntu.com 17 июня 2021 г. 22:53

Let’s step back and take a very basic look at DHCP. In fact, let’s look at the analogy of assigning an address to your house. Usually, this is done by the local 911 dispatch office, or some other central authority. They typically use eith...... читать далее

cloud MAAS Server

Разработка Tech blog from Groupon Engineers 17 июня 2021 г. 20:32

In the past few years, the technology industry has witnessed the rapid adoption of big data technologies, and there is a huge potential to profoundly impact business functions when implemented the right way.At Groupon, Consumer Data Authority Platfor...... читать далее

big-data streaming framework consumer-data spark

Разработка dev.to 17 июня 2021 г. 18:23

Using Microsoft Orleans you can build applications that scale from a single on-premises server to globally distributed and highly-available in the cloud. In this episode, Reuben Bond joins Cecil to explain to us how we can use the builtin clustering...... читать далее

dotnet microservices clustering orleans