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IT-блоги Материалы по теме 'Cybersecurity'

IT-блоги Материалы по теме 'Cybersecurity'

Разработка habr.com 1 июля 2022 г. 12:33

Сегодня в ТОП-3 — пакеты Python PyPi, которые были «пойманы» на краже конфиденциальных данных и отправке их в общий  доступ, уязвимость Microsoft Azure FabricScape и кибератака на иранскую сталелитейную компанию, которая привела к выходу из стро...... читать далее

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Безопасность DZone Security 30 июня 2022 г. 19:00

We live in a world where all our day-to-day lives have gone digital. There might not be any single piece of our information that is not present on the internet today. With hackers attacking every 39 seconds, cybersecurity has become a major challenge...... читать далее

Разработка Dice Insights 30 июня 2022 г. 11:05

Should you pursue certifications? That’s a tough question for every technologist, and the answer can vary wildly depending on your specialization and career track. As we […] The post Pursuing Certifications: A Key Question for Technologis...... читать далее

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Разработка Dice Insights 29 июня 2022 г. 11:05

There’s been a lot of chatter lately about a possible hiring slowdown in the tech industry. However, some new data suggests that hiring will only increase […] The post Cybersecurity Hiring Accelerated in the First Months of 2022 appeared first...... читать далее

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Безопасность DZone Security 28 июня 2022 г. 14:02

What Is Machine Learning? Machine learning (ML) is a domain of computer science that allows computers to learn without having to be programmed directly. Machine learning is one of the most intriguing technologies ever discovered. Machine Learning in...... читать далее

Разработка Dice Insights 27 июня 2022 г. 11:05

Companies and governments desperately need cybersecurity talent. Every day, new threats emerge, and there are only so many cybersecurity experts with the skills and experience necessary […] The post Cybersecurity Certifications: Do You Need The...... читать далее

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Безопасность DZone Security 27 июня 2022 г. 2:14

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was big news for companies when it came into effect in 2018. It aimed to put more controls on how organizations manage the personal data of their EU-based users. Since the law’s enactment in 2018, some US...... читать далее

Разработка habr.com 24 июня 2022 г. 12:44

Сегодня в ТОП-3 — RCE-уязвимость в PHP, раскрытие деталей о малоизвестной APT-группировке, атакующей организации в Европе и Азии, и новая атака DFSCoerce, позволяющая получить контроль над Windows-доменом. Новости собрала Анна Мельникова, специалист...... читать далее

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Разработка habr.com 24 июня 2022 г. 9:50

О том, что обеспечение безопасности не ограничивается защитой периметраСлучалось ли вам объяснять, скажем, бухгалтерии, что такое сервер? Мне – да. И что такое СХД – тоже. «Представьте, - говорю, - что вы готовите борщ. Овощи – ваши данные. Вы их пор...... читать далее

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DevOps ubuntu.com 24 июня 2022 г. 0:57

How important security is for your application and digital services? “Very important”, this is the answer we get the most often from Product Managers and Executives. Nobody wants the malware to take advantage of the vulnerabilities of their applicati...... читать далее

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Разработка 8th Light Blog 24 июня 2022 г. 0:00

The 8th Light University Archives Series features engaging, innovative talks featuring 8th Light designers and developers sharing their insights and knowledge. Join as we cultivate a culture of continuous learning. Web accessibility (a11y) conti...... читать далее

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Разработка The Cloudflare Blog 23 июня 2022 г. 12:59

Announcing the Cloudflare One Partner Program, a program built around our Zero Trust, Network as a Service and Cloud Email Security offerings. The program helps channel partners deliver on the promise of Zero Trust while monetizing this important arc...... читать далее

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Разработка Cloudera Blog 23 июня 2022 г. 12:28

Much of the hype around big data and analytics focuses on business value and bottom-line impacts. Those are enormously important in the private and public sectors alike. But for government agencies, there is a greater mission: improving people’s live...... читать далее


Разработка Dice Insights 23 июня 2022 г. 11:00

For years, cybersecurity appeared largely immune from the ups and downs of the tech job market. With cyber threats such as ransomware increasing, and adversaries targeting […] The post Can Cybersecurity Job Prospects Survive an Economic Downtur...... читать далее

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Безопасность DZone Security 22 июня 2022 г. 19:46

As SaaS applications usually collect and process sensitive user information, keeping this information secure is key to building user trust and ensuring long-term business success. One of the ways for SaaS providers to communicate how exactly their us...... читать далее

Безопасность DZone Security 22 июня 2022 г. 13:07

Cyber attacks become more and more sophisticated every year and cause serious financial and reputational damage. The damage affects all means of communication and blocks an organization for an extended period. For example, two of the most significant...... читать далее

Разработка Dice Insights 21 июня 2022 г. 11:00

When it comes to tech hiring, private companies attract a lot of attention—but governments are also desperate for technologists who can help harden systems against external […] The post Local Governments Need Cybersecurity, Cloud Experts appear...... читать далее

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GameDev gameserrors.com 20 июня 2022 г. 19:48

Crime in the video gaming space is as old as the industry itself. While pirating is the oldest form of crime related to video games, recent developments and technological trends, particularly online gaming, have ushered in new possibilities of cybera...... читать далее

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Разработка The GitHub Blog 20 июня 2022 г. 17:00

GitHub is excited to announce the release of CodeQL queries that implement the standards CERT C++ and AUTOSAR C++. These queries can aid developers looking to demonstrate ISO 26262 Part 6 process compliance.... читать далее

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Разработка The Cloudflare Blog 20 июня 2022 г. 13:57

Today, we are announcing new integrations that enable our customers to integrate third-party threat intel data with the rich threat intelligence from Cloudflare One products — all within the Cloudflare dashboard... читать далее

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