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IT-блоги Материалы по теме 'Real Time'

IT-блоги Материалы по теме 'Real Time'

Разработка dev.to 27 октября 2021 г. 23:54

The concept of PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) is not new. It has been around since 2015, when Google introduced this new form of web experience on mobile devices. In the past few years, PWAs have gained strength and more people are betting on this idea...... читать далее

pwa mobile webdev javascript

Разработка dev.to 27 октября 2021 г. 17:07

October is nearly finished, which means Hacktoberfest is on the hearts and minds of developers around the world, with many last-minute participants. And although the idea of contributing to open source and getting some cool swag is very inviting for...... читать далее

opensource hacktoberfest beginners cheatsheet

Разработка dev.to 27 октября 2021 г. 15:38

Ah, the dreaded resolve conflicts popup. You've finished crafting the perfect code, just a quick merge in of master (ahem, main) before you submit your PR, and then... 💥 If only there was an early warning system for merge conflicts so you could b...... читать далее

webdev programming git productivity

Разработка dev.to 27 октября 2021 г. 15:25

This post is a bit different from what I’ve created before. This time, I’ve recreated an Apple Support operator-to-customer phone call in a form of an automated conversational AI app. Let me give you the reason why I’ve decided to create this Apple...... читать далее

javascript tutorial vscode programming

Разработка dev.to 27 октября 2021 г. 15:00

Originaly published at: https://medium.com/att-israel/how-nix-shell-saved-our-teams-sanity-a22fe6668d0e We're developing a large React Native app which relies heavily on native components already written in Java, C++, and Objective-C. This means tha...... читать далее

reactnative javascript devops docker

Разработка dev.to 27 октября 2021 г. 14:59

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most comprehensive and widely used cloud platform in the world, with over 200 fully-featured services available from data centers all around the world. In this article, we are going to learn about 20 most used AWS ser...... читать далее

aws programming javascript webdev

Разработка DigitalOcean Community Tutorials 27 октября 2021 г. 13:13

Introduction In version 1.13, the authors of Go added a new way of managing the libraries a Go project depends on, called Go modules. Go modules were added in response to a growing need to make it easier for developers to maintain various versions o...... читать далее

Разработка dev.to 27 октября 2021 г. 13:04

Among the primitive data type, you may have already heard about Symbol. But you're asking yourself what is it? When does it useful? When are they currently used? If it's the case, you are in the right place. It was my case few times ago :) W...... читать далее

javascript tutorial beginners

Разработка dev.to 27 октября 2021 г. 11:24

This post was originally written on the Pixelhop blog: Skeletonise yourself with pose detection We recently built a fun halloween experiment where we use something called pose detection to skeletonise your body in realtime using your body. You can...... читать далее

ai tensorflow typescript halloween

Разработка dev.to 27 октября 2021 г. 10:51

We spend so much time in our text editors, and every now and again we encounter those little frustrating issues that slow us down. Perhaps finding the right file takes too long, or finding a matching closing bracket becomes a long-winded adventure on...... читать далее

vscode webdev javascript beginners

Разработка dev.to 27 октября 2021 г. 10:05

The stress of learning a new profession and getting a job keeps many people under pressure. Programming is an evolving industry with a high level of demand on professionals of all levels, however, there’s always competition and besides, the professi...... читать далее

beginners coding programming

Разработка dev.to 27 октября 2021 г. 9:30

When working on any .NET application, one of the most common things you'll see is using dependency injection to inject an IHttpClientFactory instance into the constructor of a service. And, of course, you should test that service. To write good unit...... читать далее

csharp unittesting moq testing

Разработка dev.to 27 октября 2021 г. 9:14

Incremental Uploads for Warehouse Actions RudderStack now supports incremental uploads for all new warehouse actions. By only sending incremental changes from your source data tables, we significantly reduce the amount of data being sent to downstr...... читать далее

datawarehouse privacy rudderstack

Разработка dev.to 27 октября 2021 г. 5:12

by author Victoria Lo Common data fetching practices such as the Fetch API or Axios library works well in React. They can be used to send and fetch data easily. But what about caching or data pagination? Or automatic revalidation or request dedupli...... читать далее

react webdev tutorial beginners

Разработка dev.to 26 октября 2021 г. 23:39

TLDR The financial services or banking industry is an essential part of our everyday lives but the institutions who adopt and integrate artificial intelligence (AI) will have a clear advantage for their future business success. Outline...... читать далее

banking financialservices ai finance

Разработка dev.to 26 октября 2021 г. 23:31

Hi everyone! So this post wasn't what I was expecting to write today, but I think it's important to tackle, since frameworks and libraries are the hottest thing in CSS right now and everyone's either using them or writing them. Myself included, of c...... читать далее

css webdev design productivity

Разработка dev.to 26 октября 2021 г. 20:34

Today, Vercel released Next.js 12 which adds a number of exciting performance improvements as well as a new beta feature - Middleware. Middleware has many uses, but I'm going to focus in this post on A/B Testing. You've always been able to run A/B...... читать далее

nextjs react

Разработка dev.to 26 октября 2021 г. 19:43

A favicon is quite simply an icon. The idea behind its inception was for browsers to use them to make a quick, easy to identify visual representation of a website in the browser's UI. A little bit of history The first favicons were impl...... читать далее

webdev frontend technology web

Разработка AWS News Blog 26 октября 2021 г. 19:03

Today, we are opening three new AWS Local Zones in Las Vegas, New York City (located in New Jersey), and Portland metro areas. We are now at a total of 14 Local Zones in 13 cities since Jeff Barr announced the first Local Zone in Los Angeles in Decem...... читать далее

Launch News Regions

Разработка dev.to 26 октября 2021 г. 17:34

The team at Tina is dedicated to revolutionizing the CMS space. We were the first to offer contextual editing in real-time which enabled teams to be more productive. Now we are introducing the world’s first UI editor for MDX. This empowers content te...... читать далее

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