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IT-блоги Материалы по теме 'Social Dilemma'

IT-блоги Материалы по теме 'Social Dilemma'

Дизайн UX Planet 8 июня 2021 г. 21:43

By Melati Belot, Director of Client Strategy, YMLYou may have heard the saying, “It’s about the journey, not the destination.”When it comes to creating digital products, it’s both — the method in which you build, as well as the end result. After all,...... читать далее

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Дизайн UX Planet 31 мая 2021 г. 9:17

A walkthrough of how I designed and re-designed my first Landing page for a virtual SAAS ConferenceA Brief ContextThis was my very first project at @10kdesigners. Getting SAAS Conference as a niche got me a little anxious since it was something I had...... читать далее

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Разработка Cloudera Blog 27 мая 2021 г. 21:41

This blog post was written by Pedro Pereira as a guest author for Cloudera.  Right now, someone somewhere is writing the next fake news story or editing a deepfake video. An authoritarian regime is manipulating an artificial intelligence (AI) system...... читать далее

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Разработка dev.to 16 мая 2021 г. 19:04

What I Learned This Week #1 WILTW By. Jahaziel Israel So, it’s taken me 6 weeks to actually muster up the mental fortitude and the discipline to get into this new habit of blogging about my latest journey into the world of java programmi...... читать далее

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Дизайн UX Planet 6 апреля 2021 г. 17:12

Photo by Michael Dziedzic on UnsplashOur days are built upon countless choices that can change the course of our lives. Shall I turn left or right? Shall I click on the first or second link? Shall I give or take?On the grand scheme of things, many of...... читать далее

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Дизайн UX Planet 5 апреля 2021 г. 8:08

How I designed an online thrifting app during the pandemic — A UX Case StudyYou will find a detailed account of all the decisions made to design a thrifting app for the Indian market during the pandemicA few months ago, when the whole world was on lo...... читать далее

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Разработка Cloudera Blog 26 февраля 2021 г. 0:54

Be the light – Accepting the call to become the change we seek As Black History Month comes to a close, global communities and companies alike are left reflecting on recent historical events with shock, awe and a commitment to drive change. We...... читать далее

Culture Black Employee Network Cloudera Culture Diversity Equality and Inclusion

SEO biznology 16 февраля 2021 г. 17:00

Episode Summary: USEFULL—with two Ls, get it?—launched as the Coffee Cup Collective but later had to rebrand. In this episode, co-founder and CEO Alison Rogers tells us why and how... The post An Interview with Alison Rogers of Usefull appeared first...... читать далее

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SEO Search Engine Watch 9 февраля 2021 г. 15:31

How can agencies fill the voids in their search intelligence? Ian O’Rourke, CEO, Adthena, and Stephen Davis, Global Product Leader for Media Intelligence, Kantar shed light on this dilemma. The post Solving the agency search intelligence gap appeared...... читать далее

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DevOps noobslab.com 22 декабря 2020 г. 16:17

The internet has managed to make our lives easier in a myriad of ways. We would’ve never survived the most recent pandemic without it, for starters. Switching to remote work made it possible for us to keep our jobs and maintain business processes nor...... читать далее

SEO biznology 18 декабря 2020 г. 22:34

The movie The Social Dilemma is now streaming on Netflix. It’s been widely reviewed, and most of the reviews are positive.  (You can read David’s review for his Avast blog here.) It combines documentary-style interviews...... читать далее

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Дизайн UX Planet 19 октября 2020 г. 15:21

Responsive web design helps create seamless user experiences across all platforms and devices. Here are 5 best practices and 30 responsive website examples.Responsive design should be standard practice for UX designers. Designing great user experienc...... читать далее

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Дизайн UX Planet 17 октября 2020 г. 18:15

They are the ones using “The Force” to guide users through a website.Photo by James Pond on UnsplashStar Wars is such a masterpiece. A science-fiction story orbiting around a mystical power called “The Force”. A greater energy that only a few can cha...... читать далее

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Дизайн UX Planet 15 июля 2020 г. 21:40

Your responsibilities to humanity, culture, and the future.You are a visionary, a social servant, a mediator, a gatekeeper of a better future. Through your craft, you unite the humanities and the sciences, the logical and the emotional, the beautiful...... читать далее

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SEO biznology 9 июля 2020 г. 7:00

I waited until the last possible second, but it’s now my turn. I take a deep breath – gather my emotions – and reach for an invisible pen. What I’m... The post Is a Completely Remote Organization Possible? Here’s What We’ve Learned So Far...... читать далее

COVID-19 Future of Work

Дизайн UX Planet 6 июля 2020 г. 15:09

How We Helped Universal Music Group Create The Future of MusicBy Neil Stoeckle, Creative Director, YMLHow do you design a product for rockstars? Pop singers? Metal heads?That was my, and my team at Y Media Labs’, challenge from none other than Univer...... читать далее

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SEO Search Engine Watch 25 июня 2020 г. 12:24

30-second summary: This 4th of July is coming at a time when the US is seeing waves of social justice protests.   If you have a content marketing strategy already in place, you’re no stranger to the fundamental principles that guide it; your goal is...... читать далее

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Дизайн UX Planet 19 июня 2020 г. 15:40

A study — and a design framework, on the human-product experiences we design.An expressive part of the current design market is all about the creation of the so-called 'experiences'. 'User experiences', 'checkout experiences',...... читать далее

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Дизайн UX Planet 19 мая 2020 г. 21:30

While most of us are in our homes in COVID situation, we all can utilise the time to enrich ourselves by soaking up knowledge or learning a new skill. I am using my time to read books that were in my wishlist. Last month I read three books that have...... читать далее

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QA softwaretestingtools.com 2 мая 2020 г. 9:00

TLDR; April content contains links to free books and new podcasts. Highlights I presented a Webinar on The Future of Testing, sponsored by Virtuoso. You can watch the full webinar with QA by signing up on the Webinar site. And you’ll be able to...... читать далее

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