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IT-блоги Материалы по теме 'analytics'

IT-блоги Материалы по теме 'analytics'

DevOps DZone DevOps 3 февраля 2023 г. 1:23

We are all familiar with drifting in-app configuration and IaC. We’re starting with a specific configuration backed with IaC files. Soon after, we are facing a “drift” or a change between what is actually configured in our infrastructure and files. T...... читать далее

Разработка dev.to 2 февраля 2023 г. 15:53

As the digital world expands, so follows the rise of eCommerce. Close to five billion people are now connected online, and with that comes an entirely new retail framework –one bolstered by convenience, speed, and expansive consumer choice.  The imp...... читать далее

webdev beginners

Разработка dev.to 2 февраля 2023 г. 15:43

With the help of GitHub, developers can easily access and share their code with others. It has become an essential tool for developers to collaborate on projects and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in development. For developers, GitHub is an...... читать далее

webdev tutorial github programming

Разработка dev.to 2 февраля 2023 г. 13:56

While the value of external search optimization (SEO) is widely known, many ecommerce websites overlook the value of the hidden gem that is internal search engines. Only 15% of businesses dedicate resources into perfecting the site search. This is wo...... читать далее

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Разработка dev.to 2 февраля 2023 г. 13:37

This article was originally posted on SigNoz Blog and is written by Muskan Paliwal. Tools like Fluentbit and Fluentd make log management more efficient by centralizing log data from multiple sources and providing the ability to monitor and analyze i...... читать далее

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Разработка dev.to 2 февраля 2023 г. 13:20

Hey! My name is Sergey Bunas, and in this article I will tell about my experience of building a side-project that was created in 1 day, went viral on Twitter and earned $1143 in 2 weeks. Replai.so is a GPT-3 Chrome browser extension that generates h...... читать далее

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Разработка dev.to 2 февраля 2023 г. 9:43

Will developers always be needed? Are low-code and no-code platforms going to replace traditional programming? Is low-code/no-code really the future? In this article, we will reflect on why the popularity of these tools is growing and what the most i...... читать далее

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Дизайн UX Planet 2 февраля 2023 г. 9:13

In today’s world, many of us design products that serve users worldwide. In a scenario where products are becoming complex and speed to market is reducing, how do we design products that cater to the needs of tomorrow? The answer is by using a design...... читать далее

user-experience design strategy planning strategic-planning

Разработка dev.to 2 февраля 2023 г. 8:30

The data landscape is rapidly evolving, and the amount of data being produced and distributed on a daily basis is downright staggering. According to the report by Statista, currently, there are approximately 120 zettabytes of data in existence (as of...... читать далее

dataops data beginners dataengineering

Разработка dev.to 2 февраля 2023 г. 2:26

In this lecture at DorisSummit2022, you will go through the technical implementation behind the Apache Doris execution model and performance optimization, as well as the new memory management framework implemented in the latest version. Apa...... читать далее

database datascience analytics opensource

Разработка dev.to 2 февраля 2023 г. 0:46

When maintaining large software systems, you will likely have multiple environments with names like Prod, Staging, Dev, Eval, UAT, Daily, Nightly, or some remix of these names. To distinguish this type of environment from the dozen other things in so...... читать далее

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Разработка dev.to 1 февраля 2023 г. 22:57

Hybrid cloud is a modern IT architecture that allows organizations to run applications and store data across both on-premise and cloud environments. By leveraging the best of both worlds, organizations can optimize their IT infrastructure, reduce cos...... читать далее

aws cloud infrastructure hybridcloud

Разработка DZone Web Dev 1 февраля 2023 г. 17:32

Facial recognition technology called FaceIO is employed for online user identification. For increased security during online transactions and access to sensitive information, it can be linked to websites and apps to verify a person's identity using t...... читать далее

Разработка dev.to 1 февраля 2023 г. 15:56

Sometimes organizations are required to respond to events in real-time, allowing them to detect and respond to changes such as security threats, customer-impacting operational issues, business KPIs, system monitoring, etc. Using real-time dashboards...... читать далее

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Безопасность DZone Security 1 февраля 2023 г. 14:36

Built on Azure Blob Storage, Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 is a suite of features for big data analytics. Azure Data Lake Storage Gen1 and Azure Blob Storage's capabilities are combined in Data Lake Storage Gen2. For instance, Data Lake Storage Gen2 o...... читать далее

SEO Yoast.com 1 февраля 2023 г. 14:19

We’ve said this time and time again: a fast website is necessary for SEO. In a sea of similarly good (or not-so-good) results, Google will favor fast pages that can deliver a good user experience to searchers. If your goal is to attain higher ranking...... читать далее

Holistic SEO Site Speed Technical SEO WordPress

Разработка wpbeginner.com 1 февраля 2023 г. 10:24

Did you know that you can create an ebook from your WordPress blog posts? Offering ebook downloads on your WordPress website is a good way to make money online or grow your email list. Writing a book is a big job, but you may discover… Rea...... читать далее

Beginners Guide blog to ebook create an ebook easy digital downloads EDD mpl-publisher offer pdf downloads

DevOps DZone DevOps 1 февраля 2023 г. 1:06

Open source has been on the rise for the past few decades. From small startups to large enterprises, open source has now become a crucial part of the software development process. While open source is often thought of as simply a free alternative to...... читать далее

Безопасность DZone Security 31 января 2023 г. 17:02

The world of Android app development is constantly evolving, and staying up-to-date with the latest trends is essential for businesses and developers alike. As an Android App Development Company, it's important to stay ahead of the curve and offer th...... читать далее

Разработка dev.to 31 января 2023 г. 16:30

In May 2020, I made a commitment to read for at least 10 minutes every day, and this challenge has had a big impact on my life. I have gained self-worth and perspective, I sleep better, and I feel overall happier and more productive. I wanted to sha...... читать далее

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