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IT-блоги Материалы по теме 'comment voting'

IT-блоги Материалы по теме 'comment voting'

Разработка DZone Web Dev 5 августа 2022 г. 10:11

The “Moving From Full-Stack Developer To Web3 Pioneer” publication provided a high-level overview to give full-stack developers a glimpse into the world of Web3 development. If you haven’t had a chance to review that article, consider taking a look,...... читать далее

Разработка Atlassian Developer Blog 5 июля 2022 г. 16:02

Reading Time: 4 minutes Today we're excited to announce that the first release of UI modifications is now available for Forge. Existing Jira Forge modules… The post Change the Jira UI in the Runtime with UI Modifications appeared first on Atla...... читать далее

Forge Jira Software Marketplace

Разработка wpbeginner.com 21 июня 2022 г. 8:30

Do you want to create a Reddit-like website with WordPress? Reddit is one of the largest online communities on the internet with more than 52 million active users. Making your own site like Reddit can help you build your own successful online communi...... читать далее

Tutorials aioseo bbpress comment voting how to add post rating in wordpress memberpress monsterinsights thrive comments wpforms

Разработка AWeber Blog 19 мая 2022 г. 16:16

Want to know how to grow your email list with social media - beyond the standard advice we've all heard so many times before? Then this article is for you. We reached out to each of these influencers because they are experts in a specific social m...... читать далее

Learn list building social media

Разработка The Cloudflare Blog 19 мая 2022 г. 13:30

The 66th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, in Turin, Italy, had two semi-finals (May 10 and 12) and a final (May 14), all of them with highlights, including Ukraine’s victory... читать далее

Cloudflare Radar Internet Trends Internet Traffic Eurovision

Разработка W3C 3 мая 2022 г. 7:21

The W3C Advisory Committee has nominated six individuals, and is invited today to vote until 1 June 2022 for five seats in the W3C Advisory Board (AB) election. Please, read the statements of the nominees. Created in March 1998, the Advisory Board pr...... читать далее

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Разработка issart.com 11 апреля 2022 г. 6:00

Every person who works in machine learning (ML) sooner or later faces the problem of crowdsourcing. In this article we will try to give answers to the questions: 1) What is in common between crowdsourcing and ML? 2) Is crowdsourcing really necessary?...... читать далее

General Machine Learning crack detection datasets issart machine learning solar panels

Разработка DZone Web Dev 23 февраля 2022 г. 10:41

What Is Audience Engagement? A simple example of online audience engagement could be a Livestream with a host and a chat system for audience members to interact with each other in real-time. Other audience engagement solutions include features such a...... читать далее

performance scalability reliability realtime event-driven architechture integrity

Дизайн UX Planet 17 февраля 2022 г. 14:54

If it makes you think, It’ll let you down — designing experiencesSourceIntroductionHey there! I’m here sharing an experience that I recently happened to go through. A design experience that made us all think, yet not all to voice out. But what is it?...... читать далее

design-thinking information-architecture information-design information-hierarchy dont-make-me-think

Разработка wpbeginner.com 4 февраля 2022 г. 6:28

Are you looking for the best product review plugins for WordPress?  Product review plugins can help you get more traffic from search engines, boost affiliate link clicks, add user-submitted reviews to your website, and more. In this article, we’...... читать далее

WordPress Plugins affiliate marketing schema seo

Разработка DZone Web Dev 1 февраля 2022 г. 14:35

Over the last few years, companies have used real-time updates to add new experiences and features and increase their market share. It's now standard to expect a page within an app or browser to update parts of itself without forcing it to refresh. F...... читать далее

websockets realtime comet realtime data sse server-sent events

Дизайн UX Planet 23 января 2022 г. 16:29

Photo by Josh Riemer on UnsplashAh, the joys of the interconnected and continually controversial worldwide web.Reddit is the homebase for an online community open to social news, web content and commentary. In short, it’s a web forum blown into a lar...... читать далее

ux-design information-architecture product-design

Дизайн UX Planet 29 ноября 2021 г. 15:21

Strength and weaknesses of those who conquered Awwwards.There are plenty of web design contests nowadays, but Awwwards is probably the most famous of them. A nomination or a win on this platform is a sign of high professionalism and an ability to ada...... читать далее

ui web-development website web-design ui-ux-design

Разработка dev.to 22 ноября 2021 г. 8:44

As Halloween has come and gone, Thanksgiving and Black Friday are upon us. The holiday season is quickly approaching and this leaves no room for procrastination or waiting when it comes to your holiday shopping. Before you know it, the season of givi...... читать далее

webdev html productivity news

Разработка dev.to 4 ноября 2021 г. 11:00

There are many programming languages that allow you to write smart contracts. In this article, we’ll explore some top programming languages used to build smart contracts. First Let's understand what is a smart contract. Smart Contract A...... читать далее

blockchain smartcontracts programming web3

Разработка dev.to 28 октября 2021 г. 16:36

Returning Again to Databases For years, I wasn’t working with relational databases. But in my heart, I’ve always loved them and thrived when developing with them. What follows is my iterating through some SQL statements to both better understand t...... читать далее

postgres programming

Разработка dev.to 21 октября 2021 г. 17:41

Realistic representation of how you will actually look when you finish reading this article and show off your story pointing knowledge to your friends, family, and co-workers. Preamble Cross-Post from Medium Post Amongst people in the so...... читать далее

agile storypoints userstory scrum

Разработка dev.to 21 октября 2021 г. 14:44

Among Us is the game that every game lover is aware of in 2021, it got popular on social media right by streamers and memers. Among Us is an online multiplayer game, which can be played by 3 to 10 people at once. all the players need to co-ordinate a...... читать далее

Дизайн UX Planet 14 октября 2021 г. 14:55

Being self aware, typically includes the ability to look to our past experiences, independently of their outcomes, and learn valuable lessons from them. Design Processes, with all its different milestones, moving parts (and participants) and stepping...... читать далее

design-thinking ux design technology innovation

Разработка dev.to 2 октября 2021 г. 13:42

TL;DR; A rant from a dinosaur that can't keep up anymore. How do you guys do this? EDIT: Holy cow. This turned into a real thing, didn't it? Thanks everyone for the replies. At this point if I keep responding to everything, I'm just digging myself a...... читать далее

webdev javascript python laravel