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IT-блоги Материалы по теме 'discord'

IT-блоги Материалы по теме 'discord'

Разработка dev.to 21 октября 2021 г. 13:37

Intro Platforms like Slack, Teams, and Discord have become much more than just a communication mechanism. In the world of remote work, these platforms become the very venue through which our teams operate. In this tutorial, we're going to be using...... читать далее

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Разработка dev.to 21 октября 2021 г. 9:09

Hi, my name is Saifullah Usmani. I am a Programmer and a Graphic Designer. I have been programming for almost 5 years now. And I have worked with several freelance clients. If it sounds like a thing that will add value in your life then consider fol...... читать далее

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Разработка dev.to 21 октября 2021 г. 7:06

Finally Done I finally graduated! I'm not sure if I was more excited about that or the fact that I could finally spend all waking hours of the day doing something I loved. Basically, in short, I fell in love with coding in my last year of EE and d...... читать далее

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DevOps DZone DevOps 20 октября 2021 г. 22:56

Is observability mission critical at this point? The folks at New Relic think so. And they’re not alone, according to their recent whitepaper on observability 90% of respondents believe observability is strategically important to their business. It’s...... читать далее

open source software development monitoring metrics data management observability new relic full stack telemetry data silo

DevOps DZone DevOps 19 октября 2021 г. 14:57

The purpose of this post is to centralize a set of free resources in order to present a way to understand and develop Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and DevOps skills. The content of this post is based on a return of several years of experience i...... читать далее

devops training engineering course success site reliability engineering careeers

DevOps DZone DevOps 15 октября 2021 г. 18:52

There is very little formal guidance for new engineering managers. When I first moved from an individual contributor (IC) to an engineering manager (EM), I found myself struggling to find training resources.  I want to change that - and I hope t...... читать далее

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Разработка dev.to 14 октября 2021 г. 16:29

This week we have another episode from the 2021 engineering leadership conference INTERACT. In this live conversation, Conor Bronsdon, Community Lead at LinearB and the executive producer of the Dev Interrupted podcast, interviews Henrik Gütle, GM of...... читать далее

techtalks podcast cloud agile

Разработка dev.to 14 октября 2021 г. 12:27

Elixir is a functional programming language that runs on the BEAM virtual machine, itself used to implement Erlang. Elixir extends Erlang and provides interoperability between both languages. Its syntax is easy to understand and its tools help to sta...... читать далее

elixir programming erlang codenewbie

Разработка dev.to 14 октября 2021 г. 10:57

Since the release of NativeBase v3, many developers have built and as the co-creator of a library, you are always curious to know how the community is using it. We have been speaking to developers and collecting feedback to see how they use NativeBa...... читать далее

javascript reactnative react nativebase

Разработка dev.to 13 октября 2021 г. 16:51

Hey Guys! I am Arghya Sarkar! Lead Developer of CalinixOS. Some of you may already know what Calinix is, some of you don't, but this article is going to explain the current state at where Peregrine is at. What is Calinix? Three Words: Pow...... читать далее

linux github productivity showdev

Разработка dev.to 13 октября 2021 г. 15:34

As a developer or web designer, when you create a web form, you need to specify some action. The action is a URL or endpoint that your form will be sent. Meaning that you need a backend (code) that receives your form and send you email notifications,...... читать далее

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Безопасность Блог Касперского 13 октября 2021 г. 12:35

Рассказываем о том, как мошенники обманывают российских интернет-пользователей, в нашем хит-параде самых необычных онлайн-разводов.... читать далее

Угрозы криптовалюта мошенничество обман советы фишинг

Разработка dev.to 13 октября 2021 г. 11:29

Hello! I used to be active here and on the Discord, and the stream of people making stuff gave me the impetus to get my head down and build something myself. So thank you all for being busy and infecting me with your enthusiasm. lovehabibi.com Yeah...... читать далее

webdev programming php beginners

Разработка dev.to 13 октября 2021 г. 6:04

redact.photo A nice tool to censor sensitive information of images online. Faster React Apps With Memoization An article by Nick Lanam on how to debug and fix excessive re-rendering. Refine A React-based framework f...... читать далее

weekly webdev

Разработка dev.to 12 октября 2021 г. 9:53

The main reason for writing API documentation is to make your API understandable to other developers that want to use it. GraphQL APIs often only have an interactive playground available that serves as a sandbox for the API and documentation. But wor...... читать далее

graphql documentation javascript api

Разработка habr.com 12 октября 2021 г. 0:22

4 октября пользователи со всего мира заметили, что социальная сеть Facebook перестала открываться. Более того, прекратили работать и несколько связанных с FB сервисов, включая Instagram, WhatsApp и другие. Еще через некоторое время частично или пол...... читать далее

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Разработка dev.to 11 октября 2021 г. 13:45

The role of writers in building brands is indispensable today. From global tech giants like Facebook to budding startups, carefully articulated content is essential in attracting consumers, building user base, and maximising user retention rate. Aviy...... читать далее

opensource writing programming

Разработка dev.to 11 октября 2021 г. 13:15

There is no better feeling in this world than having your thoughts transformed into words and those words being helpful to other people. The entire essence of Technical writing is to convert complex technical terminologies into a clear, concise, and...... читать далее

tips beginners writing community

Разработка dev.to 11 октября 2021 г. 5:34

Hey FlAppwriters, I am super excited to announce version 2.0 of our Flutter SDK with response model support. It is now available on pub.dev. With this release, each of the methods in our Flutter SDKs now has proper response objects. We hope this will...... читать далее

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DevOps OpenNET 10 октября 2021 г. 9:42

В день двадцатилетия проекта опубликован выпуск свободного кроссплатформенного интерпретатора классических квестов ScummVM 2.5.0, заменяющего исполняемые файлы для игр и позволяющего выполнять многие классические игры на платформах для которых они из...... читать далее