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IT-блоги Материалы по теме 'functional'

DevOps OpenNET 2 августа 2021 г. 10:20

После шести месяцев разработки опубликован релиз системной библиотеки GNU C Library (glibc) 2.34, которая полностью следует требованиям стандартов ISO C11 и POSIX.1-2017. В состав нового выпуска включены исправления от 66 разработчиков. Из реализов...... читать далее

Дизайн UX Planet 2 августа 2021 г. 7:43

An airline app that delivers the easiest booking experienceProject OverviewRoleUX/UI DesignerUser research, Interaction design, Visual design, prototyping, testingBriefThis project was part of my bootcamp with the UX Design Institute and the brief wa...... читать далее

ux design apps case-study airlines

Разработка dev.to 2 августа 2021 г. 7:37

August 2nd, 2021 - Instalment #78 Newsletter #78. This is the last newsletter for the next three weeks, as I will be taking some time off and shutting down my laptop. I will look forward to bringing you a very full edition when I return, but in th...... читать далее

opensource aws

Разработка dev.to 2 августа 2021 г. 7:37

In this short tutorial, we learn about the ‘if not’ Python condition statement. We also look at its various use cases along with the code. Before we look at the if not Python statement, we will first give a small brief about the ‘Not’ operator in Py...... читать далее

python programming tutorial beginners

Разработка dev.to 2 августа 2021 г. 7:14

In this short tutorial, learn to find the index of an element in a list in Python. We look at the code to achieve this with its pros and cons. Before we delve into how you could find the index of an element in a list, we do a small recap on what lis...... читать далее

python programming beginners tutorial

Разработка dev.to 2 августа 2021 г. 6:30

.ltag__user__id__386677 .follow-action-button { background-color: #339d15 !important; color: #ffffff !important; border-color: #339d15 !important; } Clean Code StudioFollow...... читать далее

javascript code programming design

GameDev gridsagegames.com 2 августа 2021 г. 4:11

While earlier in Beta 11 development I already revisited and expanded Cogmind’s selection of parts geared towards information warfare, there was a need for yet another new one to complement the upcoming Heavy class. This time it’s a big o...... читать далее

Mechanics Cogmind Items

Разработка dev.to 2 августа 2021 г. 3:49

A couple of days ago I started looking at job vacancies for backend developers. I started to notice some sort of pattern. They almost all required some sort of experience with cloud providers such as AWS. I don't have any such experience, and this...... читать далее

serverless beginners programming

DevOps linuxhint.com 2 августа 2021 г. 3:32

Ever been in a meeting at work or hunkered down to get a bit of writing done in your favorite coffee house haunt when all of a sudden your laptop starts practically screaming at you? Same. It’s incredibly annoying and distracting for both you and tho...... читать далее


DevOps linuxhint.com 2 августа 2021 г. 3:31

When it comes to MMO’s none is more popular than World of Warcraft. It’s a game that, despite its age, continues to draw huge player numbers and provide some of the most fun, complex and rewarding gameplay to anyone who enjoys MMO’s or RPGs. One of t...... читать далее


DevOps linuxhint.com 2 августа 2021 г. 3:30

We’re relying more and more on computers to help us create seamless and immersive DJ sets, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing (although some purists will disagree), but without the right kind of laptop, you’ll be harming rather than augmenting yo...... читать далее


DevOps linuxhint.com 2 августа 2021 г. 3:30

It used to be that Apple had the music production scene on lock, but due to some slick moves by key competitors, choosing the right laptop for your DAW is no longer as simple as making a bee-line for the Mac aisle of the tech store. More choice is of...... читать далее


DevOps linuxhint.com 2 августа 2021 г. 3:24

When you’re planning to study, a proper laptop can make a huge difference to the quality of your experience. While some may prefer taking physical notes, there’s no denying that the modern lecture theatre is much more likely to be filled with the sou...... читать далее


Разработка Honeybadger Developer Blog 2 августа 2021 г. 1:27

Race conditions are arguably the most insidious kind of bug; they're intermittent, subtle, and most likely to occur in production. ActiveRecord's `update_counter` provides us with a convenient way to avoid race conditions when incrementing or decreme...... читать далее

Разработка dev.to 2 августа 2021 г. 0:51

Hi everyone, The concept of the closure is one of the tougher concepts for me when I first started learning JavaScript in depth. If you are new to the concept, a closure is essentially a function bundled together with its surrounding state, which t...... читать далее

javascript programming webdev

Разработка dev.to 2 августа 2021 г. 0:28

Pueden leer la versión en español aquí. After a long time in development neovim 0.5 was finally released as a stable version. Among the new exciting features we have better lua support and the promise of a stable api to create our configuration usi...... читать далее

vim shell neovim

Разработка dev.to 2 августа 2021 г. 0:23

Don't we all wish we somehow knew everything, had everything at the tip of our fingers, simply operated at the speed of light on every project, and magically understood all? Sadly, until the day wishes become horses and beggars ride, those wishes wil...... читать далее

reading webdev programming database

Разработка dev.to 1 августа 2021 г. 23:21

Hi guys, today I will write about a question that I was have been facing recently. I was writing a code and I needed to compare two things and I was in doubt about which comparator to use, then I was searching for comparators and find two the Compara...... читать далее

beginners codenewbie java programming

Разработка dev.to 1 августа 2021 г. 22:40

It may be an odd thing to be so enthused about a software development pattern but one of my absolute favorites is using feature flags to gate new features. I can't imagine building any reasonable size application with any kind of usage without them...... читать далее

python flask devtools featureflags

Разработка dev.to 1 августа 2021 г. 22:21

Django being the web framework for the perfectionists definitely comes with many handy features out of the box. Even after being a very opinionated framework [there is always the "Django way" for doing things], in many cases there are more than a few...... читать далее

django webdev python