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IT-блоги Материалы по теме 'hacktoberfest'

IT-блоги Материалы по теме 'hacktoberfest'

Разработка The GitHub Blog 20 мая 2022 г. 16:00

Each month, we highlight open source projects that have shipped major updates. These include everything from world-changing technology to developer tooling, and weekend projects. Here are our top staff picks on projects that shipped major version rel...... читать далее

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Разработка The GitHub Blog 11 мая 2022 г. 15:00

Introduction Open Sauced, GitHub’s Explore page, Hacktoberfest, and First Timers Only help folks discover open source projects. This monthly series–Open Source Monthly—will add to these efforts by helping: First-time contributors find the right...... читать далее

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Разработка dev.to 10 декабря 2021 г. 18:51

For the last Hacktoberfest Contribution I have in here is about a program improvement. Issue For this program, the issue that I interested in was helping the repository owner to add a Thai translation to the program. My Solu...... читать далее

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Разработка DigitalOcean Community Tutorials 6 декабря 2021 г. 17:01

### Introduction In this tutorial, you will create a countdown timer using React hooks to update state and manage side effects in a React component. With React hooks, you can create cleaner code, reusable logic between components, and update state...... читать далее

Разработка dev.to 26 ноября 2021 г. 13:44

October 🍁 is our favourite month of the year because it brings with it Hacktoberfest, the largest celebration of open source in the world! Hacktoberfest 2021 was a very special edition for us as we joined DigitalOcean as a sponsor to invest in the u...... читать далее

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Разработка dev.to 24 ноября 2021 г. 7:52

Cette année, j’ai décidé de participer à l’Hacktoberfest en tant que mainteneur. J’y ai proposé 2 projets : d’une part je suis devenu récemment co-mainteneur d’un projet Python récupérant des datas sur des NAS (plugin pour Home assistant)https://gith...... читать далее

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Разработка dev.to 23 ноября 2021 г. 17:50

This year I participated in the Hacktoberfest'21. I'm glad about the project and my little contribution. This is my first post on dev.to. I worked on one mobile project built with flutter.📱 I've learned new technologies and met new people. The expe...... читать далее

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Разработка dev.to 23 ноября 2021 г. 7:19

Low-code has steadily gained prominence among developers, showing that they appreciate low-code's visual builders that make complex use cases easier, with fewer lines of code. If you're a tech enthusiast, here's why you should be jumping on the low-...... читать далее

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Разработка dev.to 23 ноября 2021 г. 7:19

It was our pleasure participating in the Hacktoberfest for the first time and we were absolutely thrilled to see the participation from our fellow developers of Symbl.ai Community. 👩‍💻👨‍💻 It feels like we just announced Symbl.ai’s Hacktoberfest...... читать далее

Разработка dev.to 21 ноября 2021 г. 6:58

Contributing to open source is a really great way to get real-world software development and other domain experience from the comfort of your home even if you’re a beginner and don’t have a job in the industry. You don’t really need to be an expert t...... читать далее

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Разработка dev.to 19 ноября 2021 г. 13:15

Save you time and use these resources to perfect your Git and GitHub knowledge. This week, I finally built up the courage to deep dive into learning Git and GitHub without having to relying on GUI and using the command line. We are fortunate enough...... читать далее

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Разработка dev.to 18 ноября 2021 г. 18:07

Introduction Finally, I made it through Hacktoberfest! And, I also got myself a fancy new T-shirt! Celebration aside, I still have a lot of work to do. Working in open-source means you always have to be ready to look for new issues, find ways to co...... читать далее


Разработка dev.to 18 ноября 2021 г. 10:14

Introduction The Telescope is the open source project that maintains by Seneca College. The Telescope is an open source web servce and client application gathers all blog posts from variety of platforms such as WordPress, Medium, Dev Community, and...... читать далее

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Разработка dev.to 17 ноября 2021 г. 20:41

Hacktoberfest is a month-long celebration of open source software run by DigitalOcean. It's a great opportunity for both beginners and professionals to get started with open-source contribution. I feel extremely proud to have successfully completed...... читать далее

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Разработка dev.to 15 ноября 2021 г. 21:45

What am I working on? The last 2-3 weeks I have been working on Pull Requests for my Open Source class at Seneca College. Previously, during Hacktoberfest I contributed to a tool called toad-scheduler which is an in-memory NodeJS scheduling tool...... читать далее

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Разработка dev.to 13 ноября 2021 г. 7:16

It was 2020 and everyone is posting their hacktoberfest swags on Linkedin, That's how I came to know about hacktoberfest and open source contribution. I started learning Git & Github and participated in some open-source programs. But I always wan...... читать далее

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Разработка The GitHub Blog 12 ноября 2021 г. 22:00

What an incredible month it’s been for GitHub and our communities. Whilst we’ve been busy with GitHub Universe, our communities have been busy coding. It’s been a successful year for Hacktoberfest, with many first-time contributors... читать далее

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Разработка dev.to 11 ноября 2021 г. 3:58

Hacktoberfest'21 is my first ever hacktoberfest. I really enjoyed the journey of contributing to the open-source community I have mainly contributed to an organisation called ASEAN-BTE. It is a minecraft team under the BuildTheEarth project Wait w...... читать далее


Разработка dev.to 10 ноября 2021 г. 19:12

My Workflow I created my workflow by customizing the pr-labeler github action by TimonVS on github action marketplace. This workflow works by matching branch patterns name such that whenever a branch with matching pattern makes a pull request and w...... читать далее

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Разработка dev.to 10 ноября 2021 г. 17:07

We spent a lot of time on GitHub participating in Hacktoberfest 2021. But did you know you can customize your GitHub profile? In this article, Eddie Jaoude shows us how to make our profiles stand out! About Eddie Jaoude Eddie Jao...... читать далее

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