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IT-блоги Материалы по теме 'marketing'

DevOps ubuntu.com 27 сентября 2022 г. 9:31

The traditional embedded Linux development model ties applications to the OS. Such a constraint means apps have to target a specific release, which lowers development velocity. Furthermore, broken upgrades in one part of the device may affect refresh...... читать далее

Embedded IoT

Разработка dev.to 27 сентября 2022 г. 0:55

Here's What Software Engineers Say About The Latest Trend In Software Engineering In the last few weeks, I've been approached by two individuals representing two different companies introducing no-code software tools. Both are convinced they...... читать далее

webdev programming productivity lowcode

Разработка AWS News Blog 26 сентября 2022 г. 23:21

It looks like my travel schedule is coupled with this Week In Review series of blog posts. This week, I am traveling to Fort-de-France in the French Caribbean islands to meet our customers and partners. I enjoy the travel time when I am offline. It g...... читать далее

Amazon CloudWatch Amazon Corretto Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service Amazon Polly Amazon SageMaker Autopilot Announcements AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) AWS Outposts Launch News Week in Review

Разработка dev.to 26 сентября 2022 г. 18:40

Many ask how can I change my current role to my desired role. It can be moving from Non-IT to IT or changing stream from one domain to other. Being myself have done the transition twice Operations -> Cloud Cloud -> Devops Sharing my 5 steps g...... читать далее

career domain jobchange

Разработка DZone Web Dev 26 сентября 2022 г. 18:18

With more and more digitalization, there are more requirements for mobile and mobile apps that we use daily. The increase in mobile storage spaces raised to 256 GB, which is sure to increase as we meet customer needs, add new features, and support ap...... читать далее

SEO Search Engine Watch 26 сентября 2022 г. 17:49

Managing SEO is overwhelming and every decision maker faces the inevitable dilemma, "should I hire in-house or outsource?" The post In-house SEO vs outsourced agency talent: Who wins the debate? appeared first on Search Engine Watch.... читать далее

Industry SEO cost of SEO SEO strategy talent acquisition

DevOps DZone DevOps 26 сентября 2022 г. 17:07

Virtualization is in full swing, prompting businesses to step up the ultimate digital transformation. Companies today perform hundreds of deployments into production per day. Look at this article by Hubspot describing their feat of 300 deployments pe...... читать далее

Дизайн UX Planet 26 сентября 2022 г. 16:33

Source: unsplash.comHave you noticed that it is through great design, a focus on user experience and specific features that some startups have been able to outperform their competitors and the most prominent players in the market?These are the most s...... читать далее

ux ux-design tools great-design figma

Дизайн UX Planet 26 сентября 2022 г. 16:32

I recently had a break/vacation, which I hadn’t had in quite a while. I went to Portugal, specifically to my hometown near Lisbon to visit my family. While there I experienced some health issues, for which I was able to seek help and assistance, but...... читать далее

design design-thinking innovation ux technology

Разработка AWeber Blog 26 сентября 2022 г. 12:07

Consistent branding makes a brand instantly identifiable — and memorable. But did you know that as well as applying branding guidelines to your products, advertisements, and websites, it’s equally important to carry branding guidelines through into...... читать далее

Success email design Email Marketing

Разработка dev.to 26 сентября 2022 г. 11:32

Introduction React is the most popular JavaScript framework at present. According to Wappalyzer, React has a 34.1% market share among JavaScript frameworks technologies. It has an easy learning path and you can learn it after JavaScript. Sass in t...... читать далее

css react beginners javascript

Дизайн UX Planet 26 сентября 2022 г. 11:27

It’s necessary for leaders to not only be focused on what is happening right now, but planning for the future as well. I worked with an executive once who always compared leadership to altitude. He said that a front-line manager needs to live at the...... читать далее

ux-strategy ux business product-management user-research

Дизайн UX Planet 26 сентября 2022 г. 11:25

An example of updating a brand’s image due to a change of strategyDesign by OutcrowdThe times when B2B companies didn’t need rebranding, restyling, and redesigning are long gone. This case highlights what rebranding means for a business and why it’s...... читать далее

brand-development brand-identity-design case-study branding rebranding

Разработка dev.to 26 сентября 2022 г. 9:24

Have you ever been rejected from a software engineering role? Maybe not once, twice, but dozens of times? Don't worry. It happens more often than you think. I failed and messed up so many in my life, definitely more than I passed. It's just t...... читать далее

Разработка habr.com 26 сентября 2022 г. 7:05

Подборка мероприятий на неделю Конференция БИТ Санкт-Петербург 2022 29 сентября (четверг) — 30 сентября (пятница) пр. Медиков 3корп5 Конгресс-центр «ЛЕНПОЛИГРАФМАШ» бесплатно Тема Конференции 2022 года: «Информационная безопасность — стратегически...... читать далее

Конференции Хакатоны ивенты конференции митапы meetup conference event events marketing конференция митап хакатон хакатоны.

Разработка habr.com 26 сентября 2022 г. 7:02

Подборка мероприятий на неделю Как быстро релоцировать капитал в Дубай и куда его там вложить 27 сентября (вторник) онлайн 27 сентября в специальном эфире на канале Bell.Club Live мы поговорим о Дубае. Сейчас сюда “перебрасываются” капиталы сотен...... читать далее

Конференции Хакатоны ивенты конференции митапы meetup conference event events marketing конференция митап хакатон хакатоны.

DevOps ubuntu.com 26 сентября 2022 г. 7:00

In the beginning, there was Amazon Web Services (AWS). And AWS set a standard for cloud computing. AWS was fast, flexible, convenient to use and geo-redundant. Definitely much better than legacy IT infrastructure or VMware. A lot of enterprises all o...... читать далее

cloud Open source OpenStack Private cloud

Разработка dev.to 26 сентября 2022 г. 6:15

Applications of Machine Learning Like Google Maps, Google Assistant, Alexa, and more, we use machine learning in our daily life without even noticing. Here are some of the most common machine learning applications in the real world: Image...... читать далее

beginners webdev machinelearning productivity

DevOps linuxhint.com 25 сентября 2022 г. 23:03

The guide listed factors to consider when buying graphics cards, what the available and popular graphics cards are, and ways to pick up the best graphics cards.... читать далее

Hardware gpu

DevOps linuxhint.com 25 сентября 2022 г. 17:28

Portable Documents Format or PDF is one of the widely used file formats. The best PDF editors for Linux Mint are discussed.... читать далее

Best of Linux pdf