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IT-блоги Материалы по теме 'software engineering'

IT-блоги Материалы по теме 'software engineering'

GameDev GCUP 28 мая 2022 г. 5:18

Компания Falco Software обновила до версии свой полностью бесплатной игровой 3D-движок Falco Engine, подходящий для разработки игр любого жанра и типа. В первой редакции было сделано много мелких доработок и несколько значимых улучшений:Доба...... читать далее

Движки и Конструкторы игр

DevOps DZone DevOps 27 мая 2022 г. 22:00

We want to make the Dev Interrupted podcast a vital, enjoyable part of your week. Please take 2 minutes and answer our new Listener Survey. It lets us know a bit about you, what you want from Dev Interrupted and what you want from podcasts in ge...... читать далее

DevOps DZone DevOps 27 мая 2022 г. 21:57

Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) have a considerable set of tasks to juggle no matter where they work or how long their company has had an SRE practice. But if you’re the very first SRE to join an organization – as many SREs are these days, given th...... читать далее

DevOps noobslab.com 27 мая 2022 г. 15:53

Software development t is not for everyone, but everyone should learn to solve their own problems using computers. If you can learn how to write simple software, do it. If you can learn to use simple software services, do it. If you can learn to use...... читать далее

DevOps DZone DevOps 27 мая 2022 г. 12:53

Smoke testing is a method of determining whether a newly released build is stable. It assists a QA or testing team in determining whether they may proceed with further testing. It also ensures that the builds received from development are functional...... читать далее

Разработка Dice Insights 27 мая 2022 г. 11:07

Network engineers are tasked with building out and maintaining an organization’s network. It’s an incredibly important job, and a complex one: When a single wrong move […] The post Network Engineer Salary: Starting, Average and Tactics to Incre...... читать далее

Headline Salary Job Skills Network Engineer salary

DevOps DZone DevOps 26 мая 2022 г. 19:00

The global enterprise software market demonstrated significant growth in recent years with its global revenue projected to reach a staggering US$243.30bln in 2022. Today, regardless of its size or industry, each organization uses enterprise software...... читать далее

java optimization openjdk microcontainers

Разработка The Cloudflare Blog 26 мая 2022 г. 12:54

Learn how the Product Content Experience team treats developer documentation and in-product content like a product... читать далее

Technical Writing Content Design Developer Documentation

DevOps ubuntu.com 26 мая 2022 г. 11:30

Welcome to this three-part mini-series on embedded Linux development on Ubuntu.  Throughout this series, we will discuss the key challenges of traditional software distribution mechanisms for embedded Linux devices. We will understand why legacy...... читать далее

Embedded Embedded Linux IoT

Разработка Honeybadger Developer Blog 26 мая 2022 г. 1:36

Elastic Beanstalk makes getting started with Amazon Web Services (AWS) much easier. In this article, Farhan Hasin Chowdhury steps through how to deploy a Laravel app to Elastic Beanstalk.... читать далее

Разработка The GitHub Blog 25 мая 2022 г. 22:22

A two-part story about how GitHub’s Product Security Engineering team rolled out Dependabot internally to track vulnerable dependencies, and how GitHub tracks and prioritizes technical debt.... читать далее

Enterprise Security Dependabot

Разработка Galois, Inc. Blog 25 мая 2022 г. 21:41

Cryptography continues to rapidly transform our world. It seems like every day there’s a new story about fully homomorphic encryption, blockchains, and how these technologies secure billions and even trillions of dollars in assets.  We’ve talked abou...... читать далее

Cryptography Cryptol

DevOps DZone DevOps 25 мая 2022 г. 17:57

2022 is a landmark year for data management. While the world is more digital-savvy (thanks to COVID), the subsequent rise in consumption of services is inevitable. More products mean more testing and thus better test data management processes. ...... читать далее

Разработка The Cloudflare Blog 25 мая 2022 г. 12:59

How we redesigned our DNS pipeline to significantly improve DNS propagation speed across all zones.... читать далее

DNS Performance Kafka PGQ

Разработка Dice Insights 25 мая 2022 г. 11:04

When it comes to hiring slowdowns among social-media giants, Meta/Facebook and Twitter now have company: Snap CEO Evan Spiegel just announced his company would slow hiring […] The post Snap Announces Hiring Slowdown, Focus on ‘Improved Pr...... читать далее

Headline Technology Companies Job Hunting Job Skills Snap

Разработка Cloudera Blog 24 мая 2022 г. 19:38

Cloudera Technology Spotlight The post Tailored Support Designed for You appeared first on Cloudera Blog.... читать далее


Разработка Think Big 24 мая 2022 г. 15:37

BigCommerce has participated in TechWomen since 2015. In 2022, we hosted our biggest cohort of five women.... читать далее

Разработка Dice Insights 24 мая 2022 г. 11:00

The technical architect (also known as the IT systems architect) has one of the biggest tech jobs within a given organization. They must plan and implement […] The post Top 15 Cities for Technical Architect Salaries and Compensation appeared fi...... читать далее

Headline Salary IT Systems Architect salary Technical Architect

GameDev GCUP 24 мая 2022 г. 10:33

Часто говорится, что движок отлично рекомендуют игры, которые на нём делаются. Но, когда речь идёт о популярном движке, типа Unreal Engine 5, то на нём так много делается интересных игр, что разработчикам проще ориентироваться на количество и величин...... читать далее


Разработка AWS News Blog 23 мая 2022 г. 21:02

I am excited to announce that Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) C7g instances powered by the latest AWS Graviton3 processors that have been available in preview since re:Invent last year are now available for all. Let’s decompose the name C7g...... читать далее

Amazon EC2 Announcements Graviton News