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IT-блоги Материалы по теме 'squarespace'

IT-блоги Материалы по теме 'squarespace'

Разработка wpbeginner.com 1 июля 2022 г. 10:00

Are you looking for the best wedding site builder and templates to create the perfect wedding website? The good news is that there are plenty of ways to create a beautiful website that has everything you need for your special day. In this guide, we&#...... читать далее

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Дизайн UX Planet 25 марта 2022 г. 13:17

What is Information Architecture, how can you use it to create more user-friendly products.When you land on a website, there’s usually a goal in mind. This goal might involve purchasing a product, obtaining information, or simply sending an email.Mos...... читать далее

ux-design ui-design information-architecture uxui-design

Дизайн UX Planet 1 марта 2022 г. 12:19

Are you trying to create a perfect and popular blog? Are you having an idea of the type of content you want to create but do not know how to design a blog? Do you know a blog that encourages people to read your content and share it on the social web...... читать далее

prototyping ui-design ux-design ux ui

Разработка sitepoint.com 8 февраля 2022 г. 14:55

So you want to create an online business? Welcome to the club! The freedom of releasing your own content or products for anyone in the world to access is liberating. Your website could lead to fame and fortune … but where do you start? This ar...... читать далее

Business Entrepreneur Entrepreneurship Startups Web

Дизайн UX Planet 24 января 2022 г. 10:00

And why I believe in the vision of low-code.I am writing this because there still seem to be misconceptions about what low-code is, what it solves, and what it doesn't solve.Low-code does some amazing things, and after working with low-code for a...... читать далее

technology-trends low-code efficiency mendix development

Разработка wpbeginner.com 9 января 2022 г. 13:33

Recently one of our readers asked us to share some WordPress market share data, usage stats, and research to help convince their boss on why they should use WordPress. Even though WordPress is the most popular website builder in the world, sometimes...... читать далее

Beginners Guide wordpress by numbers wordpress facts wordpress stats wordpress usage stats

Разработка dev.to 15 декабря 2021 г. 20:56

There are so many no-code tools to make the work of developers easier. Anyone can build some useful products, startups without writing even a single line of code. In this article, we will see 40+ No Code/Low Code Tools And Resources For Developers th...... читать далее

resources productivity design startup

Разработка Dice Insights 30 ноября 2021 г. 12:00

Front-end developers are in high demand coming into 2022, according to a recent report from Robert Half.  Front-end developers are involved in the navigation, layout, and design elements of […] The post Front-End Developers...... читать далее

Career Growth Headline Back-End Developer front-end developer Web Development

Разработка dev.to 16 ноября 2021 г. 8:05

Sometimes it feels like the Internet is growing faster than the universe is expanding. During the global COVID pandemic, businesses that had never even considered how to operate online were forced into the digital world to survive. More than ever, ho...... читать далее

Разработка dev.to 13 ноября 2021 г. 6:57

Hey! It's Mike. Welcome to my new article. I posted an article about Fiverr on Medium. This is a retake, I want to tell you about my experience on it, what I love and what I hate. Table of contents My experience Why Fiverr I told my friend to star...... читать далее

fiverr freelance tips workfromhome

Разработка dev.to 11 ноября 2021 г. 11:06

Shipping label is one of the most important elements of the shipping and order fulfillment process. It provides detailed information related to delivery. Incorrect or missing info leads to losing or mistakenly sending the package. As a result, it can...... читать далее

shipping ecommerce programming saas

Разработка dev.to 9 ноября 2021 г. 7:13

Creating websites these days has become effortless. Many successful businesses have awesome websites using different programs where they do not have to write any code, and you can do it too. With the popularity of no-code, questions such as “is n...... читать далее

webdev codenewbie coding beginners

Разработка dev.to 8 ноября 2021 г. 15:07

I struggled for a really long time to create a website for myself and start writing online. I had a list of all the features my site just had to have before launch. I'd start working on it, but as a junior dev, I learned new things at a crazy pace. A...... читать далее

beginners tutorial gatsby netlify

Разработка dev.to 13 октября 2021 г. 21:36

Our team at CompanyCam was tasked with building a widget that our users could embed on their websites. The widget needed to be easy to install, responsive, and provide a fullscreen application experience. This article introduces and explains the tech...... читать далее

preact shadowdom webcomponents styledcomponents

Разработка DZone Web Dev 28 сентября 2021 г. 21:37

Although “low code” and “no code” have become the latest buzzwords in the tech industry, these concepts are actually not new. WordPress and Shopify were among the first low code platforms available and have been around since 2003 and 2004 respectivel...... читать далее

web dev software development low code no code web deve...

Разработка DZone Web Dev 27 сентября 2021 г. 15:10

Get ready, because here you won’t find a bunch of irrelevant numbers, paid reviews, and criteria recurring around the web. You won’t waste time registering for and testing dozens of useless CMSs and digging around website developers’ forums. In thi...... читать далее

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Разработка dev.to 9 сентября 2021 г. 18:42

At its core, Jamstack was a revolution. It took the best part of the first 25+ years of website development and combined them into a powerful pattern that is used widely today. It has created an explosion of ideas and innovations that have helped dev...... читать далее

jamstack design beginners

Разработка dev.to 6 сентября 2021 г. 9:42

A stumbling block for almost all aspiring writers is what should I write about? Writers block prevents a lot of writers from creating articles because they just can't think of something good to write about. I have put together a list of 100 blog topi...... читать далее

career webdev codenewbie javascript

SEO templatemonster.com 30 августа 2021 г. 10:35

Платформ, позволяющих создать сайт, много. Но выбрать подходящую трудно.  Одни конструкторы сайтов сложны в использовании. Другие предлагают мало функций. Третьи — узкопрофильные. На них, кроме интернет-магазина или, например, одностраничника ни...... читать далее


Дизайн Дизайн-кабак 16 августа 2021 г. 3:59

Привет, меня зовут Артем, я дизайнер. В начале своей карьеры я погрузился в графический дизайн, постепенно тяготея к веб-дизайну, пока несколько лет назад я не понял, что мне больше всего нравится создавать продукты (продуктовый дизайн). Тем не менее...... читать далее

веб-дизайн no-code дизайн сайты awwwards